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Douk Audio P1PLUS is coming!--Strange or Amazing?

I have to agree. I like Douk products and have several in my home, but please lose the tubes. Or at least make it so I can switch the tubes out of the circuit.
Absolutely agree with this.
How much. When will it be available? What is the customer experience like? How to purchase? What is in place for support for any defective devices? What are your planned Service Levels (SLA's) for how long a defective item will take to get fixed, or replaced? Will you accompany every device with a Quality Control certificate? Will that include a printout of the measurements taken from that specific unit?

Products are great, but please look at the entire service chain, from - how the customer will discover your product, how you will enable the customer to learn all the details of your product, take a decision to buy it, purchase it, have it delivered, start using it, and the practical day to day steps involved in using it in many scenarios. What is the quality of your documentation, how easy is it to read, and how comprehensive is it. Have you considered saving the planet, so you distribute only a short quick start guide with the product, and in that quick start guide, point the customer to an online copy of the comprehensive manual, which will be permanently available - even if Douk goes out of business.

Important for me, does this product have an ASIO driver for Windows? And what are the range of buffer values that can be set. What kind of latency can one expect at each of these buffer values? Does the ASIO driver report the full latency back to the ASIO client application such as a DAW, inclusive of the latency within the Digital to Analog converter? i.e is the reported latency sample accurate?
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