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Interesting new Yulong all-in-one


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Nov 16, 2021
Dallas, TX
I’ve always been curious about this outfit—I’ve seen a number of their digital audio products pop up on Shenzhen periodically that always seem to use top-notch components and have comparable measurements to competitors such as Topping and SMSL.

This latest is an integrated AKM4499EX DAC/amp/streamer (with a built-in Roon Bridge). I don’t see evidence that it directly supports Tidal Connect or other streaming services, but Tidal and Qobuz can be hosted through Roon and it does support Airplay 2, DLNA, HQPlayer etc. The specs claim 5 watts of balanced power at 32 ohms and the DAC section outputs 6V via XLR. For some reason they chose to push the AKM chip up to DSD 1024 and PCM 1536, for the three people in Asia who have content that would support it.

I like the look too. How can we get our hands on one to put it to the test?

its interesting... not quite $1,3k 'interesting'

also as you say final end use if up to what is an unknown manufacturer

also no wifi?
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