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Converting USB or HDMI audio to optical


New Member
Mar 27, 2022
Until recently I had a PC with sound card with optical audio-out, which I had connected to optical-in on my stereo amp. Now I have a mini-PC with 4 USB and 2 HDMI ports.

It seems that I have two ways to get optical audio to my amp. First is to use my Grundig GFW6740 TV (HDMI out on the PC => HDMI in on the TV => optical-out on the TV => optical-in on the amp) or to use an USB soundcard (I have a Behringer uca222 somewhere in the drawer) with a digital optical-out (USB out on the PC => USB in on the sound card => optical-out on the sound card=> optical-in on the amp).

I'm wondering whether those two setups would introduce unwanted digital to analog conversion (HDMI/USB to analog) before again converting to optical digital, or would the signal remain digital (HDMI/USB directly converted to optical digital)?

If someone has any knowledge or experience on the subject, I would be most grateful for any help.


Major Contributor
Dec 5, 2018
For the uca222 there will be no analog conversion. I suspect it will remain digital all the way for the Grundig too, but it's harder to be sure.
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