1. U

    Help with surround sound on Windows PC

    Hi! I have the following setup: - Windows 11 desktop PC: Motherboard Asus TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS D4 and soundcard Creative Sound Blaster Z SE. Also an optical Blu-ray drive and 1080p DLP projector. - Yamaha receiver HTR-6130, connected to five speakers and a subwoofer. Creative sound card is...
  2. J

    Class D 2.0 integrated Amp with HDMI

    Folks, anyone know of a class D with an HDMI input? Something not from BluSound?
  3. P

    How to use eARC with a computer

    Is it possible to transmit sound from a TV eARC port to a USB port on a computer without an HDMI audio extractor? If so, how?
  4. M

    HDMI DSD to DoP conversion boxes - any reviews?

    Hi all, Wondering if there are any reviews on those ~$100 digital-to-digital converters that will strip out the DSD stream from an HDMI signal and make it into a DoP signal a DAC can use to convert DSD to analog. Specifically interested in 2-ch but any reviews would be interesting. Thx.
  5. RF Air

    Problem with Oppo UDP-203 with No HDMI Signal. Can you help please?

    Purchased a used 4K Player on Ebay, which is my first time buying a used A/V Device. Purchased the Allstate One Year Warranty Coverage just in case I ran into a problem. I have a problem. The item is returnable to the Seller. The Unit was superbly packed in original packaging, double boxed...
  6. R

    Identify and fix crackling sound from pc to receiver

    I have an AV setup with a Denon X3700H AVR connected to a TV and an Nvidia Shield which works without issues. The moment I connect my desktop PC to the AVR through HDMI, a crackling sound starts coming through my speakers. This sound comes out regardless of the selected input or volume level on...
  7. D

    Cambridge Audio Evo 75/150 questions

    I'm considering buying Evo 75, but hesitating because of a lack of information. 1) Can it automatically switch from HDMI source to, for example Spotify, and back when the signal from the corresponding source is detected? (Similar to how BluOs devices work). Or will I need to switch sources...
  8. JunkHippo

    Noisy digital audio on LG TVs

    Dear audio science enthusiasts, I recently got one of those popular LG C1 TVs. Since I only have a stereo system, but several HDMI sources plus using the TV's apps, I went the easiest audio route for my setup: (source) -> TV -> optical out (PCM) -> DAC -> analog Preamp As I realized only after...
  9. L

    ARC / eARC enabled DAC?

    Hello, I was unclear where to put this, but here goes: I currently have a THX Onyx and a Topping E50. Both work great, but I'm looking for a device which can preserve ARC and/or eARC volume control. Basically I'd like to be able to use my Apple TV 4K (2021) controller as I do now, without...
  10. morsecypher

    Converting USB or HDMI audio to optical

    Until recently I had a PC with sound card with optical audio-out, which I had connected to optical-in on my stereo amp. Now I have a mini-PC with 4 USB and 2 HDMI ports. It seems that I have two ways to get optical audio to my amp. First is to use my Grundig GFW6740 TV (HDMI out on the PC =>...
  11. A

    HDMI to USB Windows.

    Hi All, I am trying to extract 24bit 192kHz audio from HDMI Source (HDMI 2.0). Is there any device that are able to do that? I am hoping to find one that can be connected to my Windows Laptop via USB and have the laptop recognize the device as an audio input source. If there are no device...
  12. sweetchaos

    HDMI 2.0/2.1 labels are useless now

    To purchase a HDMI product, it's now up to the consumer to do their own research, instead of relying on "HDMI 2.0" or "HDMI 2.1" labels (which are now meaningless). Two videos that give a great overview of the problem. 3min by TeckQuickie: 6min by HDTVTest: It's hilarious and sad at the...
  13. S

    Linus tech tips testing HDMI cables… for Science

    I found this interesting and maybe you do too :) Any thoughts? Forum link here with test data: https://linustechtips.com/topic/1387053-i-spent-a-thousand-dollars-on-hdmi-cables-for-science/
  14. G

    I2S via HDMI pinout wiring.

    Hi Everyone, Need some help here. First some bullet points on the background of the situation: SACD players are intentionally designed to not send DSD signals via the digital output for copyright purposes. However, some SACD players can send the DSD signal via video HDMI, not to be confused...
  15. voodooless

    HDMI over CAT*, any experience with HDBaseT products?

    Recently I changed my TV setup to hide basically all equipment and a sub in an Ikea cabinet. For now, that excluded the AV receiver, which I didn't use at the time. After however, my pi setup died for the 4th time (tried various distro's.. none of them seem to be stable, most of them suck), I'm...
  16. I

    Denon avr-x3300w HDMI out issue

    Greetings, I have a Samsung 65 9000 series TV and OptomaHD67 projector. In addition, I have a 4k Cable Company (such as “Comcast”) all of them are connected to my Denon avr-x3300w receiver. The converter cable device is connected to an arc port on the TV and its other side is connected to an arc...
  17. L

    How to argue with people who believes "Digital Cable" make different? [sorry]

    TLDR; Please provide the link/studies/blind test/double blind test/ that digital cable makes no different (or if it makes different?) Sorry I need to start this kind of thread, I don't normally argue "directly" with people who believe digital cable makes different because there's no point to do...
  18. J

    Problems with computer audio

    Hi there. I'm a long time audio enthusiast with decent equipment, but as I have taken the plunge into computer audio, am having a little problem. I'm hoping that someone can explain what the issue is and how to fix it. I have ripped my CDs (pretty much pristine) to a new Windows laptop (SSD...
  19. thefsb

    Cheap HDMI switch/extractor

    We replaced our AVR with one of these cheap HDMI switch/extractors and a decent integrated stereo amp. Subjective SQ is much improved for music listening, especially the TT, so clearly the AVR was a PoS amp. But Idk about HDMI sound. I'm really curious. I think it would be hilarious if this $50...
  20. amirm

    A Deep Dive into HDMI Audio Performance

    Note: this is a slightly revised version of an article I wrote for the Widescreen Review Magazine. It was published in January 2014 I think. ----- A Deep Dive into HDMI Audio Performance Sometimes I feel that digital audio is the most misunderstood technology around. If I asked you how a TV...
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