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Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1 V2 - Review & Measurements by Erin


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Sep 20, 2018

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PS: This one is part of the new "NFS Optimized" speakers from Ascend. So far it looks extremely promising (dat EIR :oops:). Almost no flaws here, apart from agressive compression. I personally wish that Ascend Acoustics could be distributed outside NA in the future. Also, can't wait to see @amirm and Erin measuring other speakers of the brand!
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Very impressive improvements to this speaker (which was already very good IMO to begin with) and great review by Erin. Ascend is doing some interesting work and their new designs are on my list of speakers I want to hear in person. Glad to see an established company not resting on its laurels and continuously working to improve products without dramatically increasing prices.
I never would have imagined a manufacturer stating this, before you may add the product to the cart...

ASR does have some responsibilities there...
I have owned the Sierra LX and I now own the ELX Ribbon towers and I can say they are the best speakers I have owned or heard. Dave's customer service is excellent as well and he has always answered any questions or concerns I have had in great detail. I have seen a few members on here disregard his speakers because he sources his drivers from SEAS, compared to KEF and other's who manufacture and engineer their own. Others have doubted his Klippel measurements because he hasn't submitted his newer models to Amir or Erin for testing,so I am glad to see Erin confirm what I already knew.
That looks great. I'm sure it sounds awesome. I hope to get to hear some Sierras at some point.
I’m glad to see someone is paying attention to what consumers want.
Is that really what consumers want ? I mean, by today, I have some doubts.

That wouldn't be a good marketing move if Ascend stick to objective reviews to promote their products. They would still have to send their speakers to subjectivists influencers... And that way, get glowing reviews. Or maybe not : because they measure good, perhaps the musicality, rythm, foot tapping and timbre (that some people still need to rave about) are not quite there...:facepalm: I'm not sure that the overall Audiophile market is ready to rely on measurements alone. Not yet, at least.
That would probably be a speaker in my taste. They nailed the 1-5 kHz region...
What we (and by "we" I mean "I") need is someone who owns the Klippel NFS in Vancouver, so I can start to provide speakers for reviews.

I have no ethical problems purchasing speakers, getting the spin data, paying for this service if needed, then returning the speaker.

A man can hope... :)
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