1. VintageFlanker

    Klipsch The Sevens - Review & Measurements by Erin

    Text review to be updated...
  2. C

    Could you help me understand if this measurements are good or not?

    Hi, I was checking this page to know whether or not this floor standing speakers are really good or not, but I can barely understand the graphics the reviewer posted, to be more precise it is impossible to me to understand why he is staying the off axis response is so good...
  3. VintageFlanker

    WiiM Pro Plus - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    WiiM Pro Plus - Review & Measurements Hi Folks, Here is another review, measurements-based, today about the WiiM Pro Plus (or "Pro+"). While some rumors already mentioned it for the last couple of months, it is just launched today (August 8) officially. The WiiM Pro Plus comes with a $220...
  4. V

    How to show only the difference between two graphs in REW?

    Hi, how can I put two graphs in REW and visualize only the difference between them. For example: Graph 1 has +15dB at 5kHz, Graph 2 has +10dB at 5kHz, the difference should display +5dB at 5kHz. Thanks in advance! :)
  5. VintageFlanker

    Rotel DT-6000 Review & Measurements (CD Player / DAC)

    Rotel DT-6000 Review & Measurements Hi folks, I am back for another review. Today's one is about the Rotel DT-6000 CD player and DAC. The latter is self-qualified by the company as a "DAC Transport", which sounds a bit unusual. It has been launched in 2022, as part of the Diamond Series...
  6. M

    KEF R3 new REW measurements (Do I need a subwoofer?)

    Hi again ASR community. Some time ago you helped me a lot in this thread Since then I have changed my audio setup and now it is KEF R3 with Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 streaming amp. Below please find the measurements I did using REW and UMIK-1 mic with RoomPerfect enabled (Lyngdorf room correction...
  7. USER

    Introducing the Phono Cartridge Measurement Library

    After years of development we are finally launching our phono cartridge measurement library. These measurements were created using the brilliant cartridge response python script written by @scott wurcer and @JP. Information about its origins can be found in the following threads...
  8. VintageFlanker

    KEF R3 Meta - Review & Measurements by Erin
  9. RemedyMusic

    Help with Dayton audio imm6

    Hi everyone! I'm Edz and this is my first thread here in ASR. Ok, let me introduce myself in the quickest way possible. I've been a musician for 3 decades and counting. And I'm a small reviewer from Philippines and 2 years active at Headfi. My name there si RemedyMusic as it is here. My...
  10. VintageFlanker

    Polk Reserve R200 - Review & Measurements by Erin

    Text review:
  11. M

    Measurements: Magnavox 8300/8600 12BH7 SET Mod

    People seemed to enjoy my last tube amplifier measurements post, so I decided to do another. I modded this stereo Magnavox 8605 console amplifier to run 12BH7 dual triodes as output tubes, converting it from a single-ended pentode to a single-ended triode (SET) amplifier. I used a schematic by...
  12. VintageFlanker

    MoFi SourcePoint 10 - Review & Measurements by Erin

    Text review: ...with a short update:
  13. dougi

    QUAD Artera PRE partial measurements/spec conformation

    Today I'll present mainly a summary of partial measurements of my QUAD Artera PRE analog preamp. The manual is finally available online and you can find it here. Like the rest of the Atera series, it is quite a looker in a clean kind of way: The back shows it has three sorts of outputs...
  14. VintageFlanker

    Klipsch The Nines - Review & Measurements by Erin

    Is that really a Klipsch speaker ? o_O Edit: Text data is up:
  15. pma

    Audiophonics PRE-TC10 preamp with tone controls - review and measurements

    I have decided to buy and measure this preamplifier with tone controls, supplied by Audiophonics. It can be ordered here: and it costs 49.92 EUR...
  16. VintageFlanker

    Octavio Stream - Review & Measurements (Streamer)

    Octavio Stream - Review & Measurements Hi Folks, Today's review is about the Octavio Stream, which, as its name suggests, is... a streamer, and by coincidence, the second French product in a row to be measured. It was sent to me directly by the manufacturer, represented here by the...
  17. D

    Behringer Monitor2USB review and measurements

    Hi, My first post here. I have been scrapping the internet for reliable information about the behringer Monitor2USB. We all know the popularity this brand has, but it's a very attractive product for those on a budget. So far the only complains I found refer to the cheap knobs used. Has anyone...
  18. K

    My first REW measurements(KEF R3 META)

    I am sharing my REW measurements seeking for conclusions, thoughts, EQ and/or room treatment advise. What you see are the measurements of my main(2,2m) as well as my secondary(5m) listening position in a 30m2 non treated but really cared(curtains, carpets, furniture, canvas, positioning) room...
  19. VintageFlanker

    Atoll DAC200 Signature - Review & Measurements (DAC)

    Atoll DAC200 Signature - Review & Measurements Hey folks, Planned for a while, finally comes my first review about an Atoll product, and the first extensive measurements of any Atoll DAC to date. For those who are not familiar with the name, Atoll Electronique, while not widespread...
  20. T

    Theatrical sound coloration: make sure your 500 are as loud as in these SMPTE measurements…

    Hi everybody. This is my first post here. Hopefully I can give this very well informed community something back... Personal tastes vary a lot. I personally always loved the "theatrical" sound color. After years of acoustics, speaker and dsp optimizations, a good transient and nice time domain...
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