1. sweetchaos

    Polk Monitor XT speaker reviews (posted by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for reviewing Polk Audio XT speakers. XT35 center: US$300/ea Preference Score (according to Erin) is 3.9 Preference Score (according to Pierre) is 3.8 XT30 center: US$200/ea Preference Score (according to Erin) is 3.6 Preference Score (according to Pierre) is 3.4 XT20...
  2. TheTalbotHound

    WolfX-700 Measurements of the Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max (2021) headphone out. Respectable measurements, as would be expected given the performance of the apple USB C to 3.5mm dongle adapter.
  3. pma

    Topping D10s Owner Measurements/Quick Review

    Topping D10s USB DAC I bought this little DAC from Audiophonics France It has arrived after 6 days from purchase. I made some measurements : Output Noise Noise is...
  4. sweetchaos

    Passive Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    I'm constantly asked which speakers to, here you go! :D This guide is for PASSIVE speakers. For ACTIVE speakers go here. PASSIVE BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS: LEGEND: Value Description #1 Best rated-speaker in terms of preference score. #2 2nd best-rated speaker in terms of...
  5. sweetchaos

    Active Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    I'm constantly asked which speakers to, here you go! :D This guide is for ACTIVE speakers. For PASSIVE speakers go here. ACTIVE SPEAKERS / STUDIO MONITORS: LEGEND: Value Description #1 Best rated-speaker in terms of preference score. Update: I set the threshold at 3.0...
  6. pma

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR amplifier module analysis and review

    Hypex UcD180HG HxR module analysis and review After buying and testing AIYIMA A07 amplifier (based on TPA3255 class D chip) in January 2021 I was quite disappointed with the frequency response modulated by speaker complex impedance and its audible consequences. This is, unfortunately...
  7. Matias

    dCS Bartók Measurements

    Another very interesting review by GoldenSound. I was expecting better measurements from dCS, even if it is their entry level product.
  8. dominikz

    Neumann KH 120A - spinorama and misc measurements

    Hello all, This will be a summary of (many :)) measurements I did with the Neumann KH 120A that I recently purchased. The pair were manufactured in 2013 and sport the older, IMO slightly industrial looking finish: A few notes on measurement methodology: The loudspeaker has been measured at...
  9. J

    Thoughts on Audioholics discussion on "Improving Loudspeaker Specifications Standards for Consumers"

    Audioholics has posted a video of their livestream discussion on "Improving Loudspeaker Specifications Standards for Consumers" I am curious what people think of the discussion. I have not listened to the whole discussion yet, but skimming though some sections I had some thoughts. 1) Curious...
  10. W

    Scandyna Blue room Minipod Speaker (in-room) measurements... I'm confused...

    Are they meant to sound this way? Like the measurements below, they are pretty dull on the high end. Do the measurements look like they're broken in any way? If they're not (both speakers measure similarly), what could the consideration be for such a sonic design? I've no idea what generation...
  11. orchardaudio

    Parasound 275V2 Measurements

    All, One of my customers send me this amplifier interested in how it will compare against the Starkrimson Stereo Ultra. Anyway I figured I would also post the measurements here for everybody's benefit. This amplifier is current selling for $595.00 on amazon All measurements are with 8ohm...
  12. J

    Combining measurement methods to get a more accurate EQ - MMM + Gated Nearfield + Klippel Measurements

    I posted this on the HTM-12v2 thread, but thought it was an interesting enough concept that people might want to do it with other speakers and thus I am posting the info here as well. I had a fun little project today and wanted to add a layer of active EQ to my HTM-12v2 and wanted to compare...
  13. Albrecht47

    Raw driver reviews with measurements?

    Anyone else interested in seeing ASR add raw driver reviews with measurements? ASR already has the required equipment perhaps with the exception of a IEC baffle but that's an easy afternoon build. I think such objective reviews would be of great benefit to the DIY sector of the audio community.
  14. dougi

    quick and dirty Elipson Planet measurements

    I recently purchased a pair of Elipson Planet Ls and again some Planet Ms. I got some for great prices and wanted to add surrounds that would be permitted by the wife. The Ls do look very nice in Mercury Ice on the dedicated floor stands! Given they are both concentric driver speakers I...
  15. dougi

    Little Dot D300 preamplifier measurements

    Little Dot D300 preamplifier measurements I purchased the Little Dot D300 pre through an Australian reseller. It is a hybrid tube/opamp preamp. My use case was to add as a switch/level control for my analog sources (turntable and tuner) that go into the ADC of my RME ADI-2 pro. If it added...
  16. I

    Question about output impedance measurements/recommendation for IEM dac/amp

    Hi there, first post here, I hope this is the right place to post this I've been reading a fair amount of headphone amp and dac/amp reviews on this site, and I've noticed that the output impedance measurements on products I've looked at are usually well above what they're advertised as (Fiio K5...
  17. sweetchaos

    Which subwoofers would you like to see tested with CEA-2010 protocol?

    I have compiled a massive 'subwoofer comparison' spreadsheet. So far, I've found +1600 subwoofer models in total and +300 models with CEA-2010-A data. But there's a lot of interesting subwoofers that weren't tested. I'd like to see a discussion thread dedicated to which subwoofer models, we...
  18. J

    Psychological biases and audio - A call for more science.... and more individualism?!?

    Double blind wine tasting (and the impact of the bottle)? Coke vs Pepsi and functional MRIs? Very interesting topics to read about that highlight the complexities of human perceptions and all the factors that influence it. I have read a lot of behavioral economics and psychology books...
  19. jtwrace

    The Intellectual People Podcast - Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound

    Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound tells us about his journey to become a leading expert in Digital Sound Processing (DSP). Accurate Sound is a remote service using Audiolense, Acourate and Room Eq Wizard (REW).
  20. sweetchaos

    Subwoofer Comparison

    I've created a *slightly large* subwoofer comparison spreadsheet. o_O Here's a sneak peak of my spreadsheet: How can I easily sort this spreadsheet? -==Link to my Subwoofer Comparison spreadsheet ==- _____________________
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