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Any good active speakers that play LOUD?

I don’t have a pair here yet but the Sigberg SBS.1 appears to amply fill the loud requirement.


If interested, just did an interview with the owner of the company about the SBS.1 as well as pros/cons of actives in general:
A lot of ultra over the top recommendations so I'm here trowing to the party a pair of speakers that may look like not over the top, well because they are not, but man, they play loud, clean and won't break the bank. Get a pair of QSC K12.2 and you will be very happy. I use a lot of QSC gear at work and these K12.2 don't disappoint. I may send a pair to @amirm for testing if he is willing to test them.

….generally lie on the floor or couch, eyes closed, with the music loud enough to nearly block all other sensory perception.

Any reason you don’t just use headphones? In that position, you can not be that interested in fidelity, imaging, soundstage, etc. (although it is not surprising that you chose LS50’s as they are quite good in the vertical plane.;))
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I don’t have a pair here yet but the Sigberg SBS.1 appears to amply fill the loud requirement.


I just reviewed them and can confirm they can play very loud for that cabinet size. 100db was all i could take myself:

" I don't know what the dB actually are when I listen, but 'EDM concert level' sounds about right (it usually ramps up over the session, and I'm guessing it peaks a little over 100 dB? I really don't know). Most would probably consider the volume either uncomfortable or simply obnoxious. I limit sessions to 20-30 minutes for a couple of obvious reasons."
I am afraid that the title of the next posting may be "What is the most comfortable hearing aid"
Personal carbon footprint is off the charts when listening to 110 dB music 3 m. away, on-floor wearing hearing protection.
I also lie on the floor or on a couch or sit on the floor, and if it hasn't been mentioned yet you're going to want something with even vertical dispersion... It bugs me when I'm on the floor and speakers change tonality or have cancellation lobes. The Genelec 8361 doesn't have that issue. Other coaxials also avoid that issue for the most part.

OR it could be that you like it down there if your Klipsch speakers are a bit bright, and they aren't loud enough because they have cancellation issues between the drivers at that angle.

Good luck with the search.

Oh, and if you're open to a very different suggestion, a pair of Devialet Phantoms would work on the floor near your ears, or lie in bed and have them on either side... Silly deep bass extension, even compared to massive speakers. "Only" 108dB but they are more versatile than the larger speakers recommended and seem particularly easy to place since the tweeter can be so low to the ground.

Hopefully I don't get roasted for this one...

I currently have a pair of Klipsch Forte III's that have served well for my purposes. After some comments to a post I made recently, I'm considering upgrading them, specifically with active speakers - if I can find a pair that fit my needs. I have fairly particular listening habits that occasionally involve very high output levels (please see below).** My first pair of speakers were LS50's (rated at 106 dB). They sounded incredible (much better than the Fortes), but they were categorically not loud enough (I fed them 300W from a Peachtree Nova and blew out both drivers - it was a learning experience). I like the idea of the new LS60 wireless, but with a rating of 111 dB I don't know if that will be enough of an improvement. Are there other actives I should consider?

FWIW, I will be adding two Rythmik F12's soon, and high pass the ma

Klipsch Jubilee's would fit the bill they include the crossover a a couple of Hypex DIY amps and you are all set./ no subs needed no issues with clipping amps.
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