1. L

    please recommand a set of device to listen natural sounds

    Hi, I like to listen to the recordings of natural sounds, such as the sounds of a forest, rain, rivers etc.., so I really need your help to give an advice about a set of device that gives me the sound that is the most close to the original sound of the recording. I don't want anything else to...
  2. A

    Help me choose a floorstander

    Hello guys, beginner hifi enthusiast here, looking for a budget pair of floorstanding speakers that sound nice and measure okay. I primarily listen to Avantgarde / Post Metal as well as a little bit of classic hard rock. A lot of the stuff is very dynamic, so I'm after a high sensitivity speaker...
  3. M

    I need some help with soundcard to DAC and AMP combined

    Hello guys, I recently bought a new dell pc (the only way i could get my hands on the new rtx cards) and it has no optical in. Now I do have a topping e30/l30 stack. I would like to run the external amp and dac with optical out from the soundcard. I was wondering if i bought an external...
  4. G

    [Help] IEM & Adapter type-C male to 3,5 mm female

    Hello A.C.R. I am fairly new in the audiophile world and I have doubts even after reaserching a lot. I would appreciate the help from more knowledgeable people about the subjct. Currently I have my eyes on KZ ZS10 Pro. For now my main device to use the IEM will be the OnePlus 8T. Therefore, I...
  5. Harmonie

    How do you sort (organise) your CDs, LPs, K7s, Tapes; physical medias

    be indulgent, it's my first thread: So many different ways and logics Alphabetical Style Date of recording and maybe more exotic ways. Really interested to discover alternatives. Me ? a bit of everything; I have a special section for the rock bands of the seventies and annexed their leaders...
  6. T

    Need help choosing the right setup

    Hi, I'd like to improve my listening and communication experience. Current setup consists of Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ mic and Sennheiser HD 660 S (which replaced my old Audio-Technica ATH-W1000 headphones I'm tired listening to after many years). These are connected to a computer, and I always...
  7. M

    DAC + Amp suggestion for HD800s, LCD-2F?

    Hi all, I’d like to ask for advice on a decent DAC + Amp setup for a new hifi station I am planning on building that is somewhat future proof for the cans I am looking to buy down the line. TL;DR: I have 1000EUR to spend on a DAC and AMP (if combo, it needs preamp out like maybe the RME ADI-2)...
  8. D

    Issues with Schiit Magni Modi

    Hey all! I am currently running my Sennheiser HD560s off of the schiit magni and modi stack. All settings in windows are on default. Here's the issue. All was good and was enjoying my music and out of nowhere I began having clipping/distortion issues left and right when listening to spotify and...
  9. N

    HD660S balanced cable problem

    I have hd660s and have been using it with the unbalanced cable with the fiio q1 mk2 . decided to try balanced so I bought theses two adapters
  10. L

    Noob need help finding the right headphone.

    Hey! I've currently spent the past week trying to figure out what to replace my astro a50's gen 1 with, the problem is i have no audio experience so i have no idea what things sound like other the my astros that i used for 9 years. I'll be using these headphones at home my environment is an...
  11. M

    Alternative to Modi/magni3 for my DT-1990

    I feel like the modi/magni are too smooth so i will keep it for my HD 650. But for the DT-1990 can you guys give me a recommendation? Budget wise i am looking at 300 euro. I am also considering the E30 + L30 but i am scarred they will sound the same as the modi/magni 3.
  12. B

    Looking for a budget DAC/AMP (~100€/$)

    As it's my 1st post, I'd like to say hello :cool: Now, the topic - I'm looking at something to replace my PC-audio ALC-1220 soundard (MSI X470 M7) becuase... I'm annyoed by some hissing in my headphones. And somehow I think these should be amped better because when I had Yamaha A520, headphones...
  13. S

    Topping L30 + Byerdynamic DT1990Pro, a good combo?

    Hi guys, new to ASR. And also new to desktop Hi-Fi, I've been playing around with IEMs and Portable DAP/ DAC & AMP for 7 years. Just trying to get a touch on over-ear headphones and serious desktop DAC & AMPs. Recently I upgraded to DT1990pro from DT880 250Ohm, and plan to buy an AMP for it...
  14. J

    Open back recommendation

    Hello, First, I apologize if I'm not posting in the right place, I'm new here (and to this audio world) as can attest my freshly created account. I'm looking for my first decent headphones, mainly for my PC. Open back because it seems to be the best if there's no need for complete isolation...
  15. C

    Need help with amp/DAC decisions :)

    Discussion: I bought a Lyr 2 because I was auditioning a ton of stuff at home and I wanted something I was sure would power anything I caught hold of. I've basically never heard any other upstream gear besides a couple other Schiit amps. I was always skeptical of audiophile reviews, despite...
  16. C

    Considering changing up my amp/DAC

    Current chain: Modi 2 -> Lyr 2 (LSST tubes) Cans: HD800 (SDR EQ) Rosson RAD-0 ZMF Verite Closed (Also JH Angie, ER3XR) Portable DAPs: iPod + Rockbox Hidizs AP80 LG V20 Phone Budget: $550 unless there's a big jump in price-performance after that. If there is, maybe considering an extra $2-300...
  17. S

    Question about choosing DAC and so on

    Hello Guys! I want to have a new DAC for my head-fi system, and I'm thinking hard about what to buy. Now I'm using DX3 Pro(Not LDAC ver) as Pure DAC, THX AAA789 amplifier and Edition XX headphone with XLR Balanced Cable. Although I'm happy with this, want to upgrade DAC for better sound. So...
  18. B

    Kef Blade 2 vs Revel Salon 2s [can only demo one of them] - totally over thinking it - please help

    Hi, I'm in analysis paralysis; each new pair of speakers I listen to I fall in love with.... I have a room that is 14x17 with an open plan kitchen off to the side: I'm the only person who will use this space - my guess is 40% music / 30% sport/films / 30% games Based on reviews and other...
  19. AnestisMania

    Changing the game (New Dac/Pre-amp)?

    (A welcoming skip this if you want) Hello beautiful people greetings from greece. I was looking for some dac's lately and i came upon this site and i have to say it's amazing how deep some of those reviews are. I have my eye on the topping d50 for my next upgrade at the beginning i was going...
  20. A

    AMP recommendation beside THX 789 and JDS Labs Atom

    Hello guys, Just a little background I currently work from china and currently looking for headphone amp. Sadly JDS atom would require shipping from USA and customs in China is a hit or miss while THX is pretty much impossible to get. Ideally it would have a balanced output for my headphones...
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