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Looking for amp / receiver recommendations for KEF LS50 meta


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Jun 7, 2024
Looking for amp / receiver recommendations for KEF LS50 meta.

Needs to connect:

- 2x KEF LS50 meta
- Playstation 5 (hdmi)
- TV setup box (optical + hdmi)
- Chromecast (hdmi)

Currently using a Marantz NR1504 which suits these needs mostly, except its 5.1 and I think perhaps too weak to drive the KEF's properly.
So, don't need 5.1, prefer 2.0.

Budget is flexible, ofcourse I like good value like most, around 1500 to start.
I think you would probably do best by going with separates. Get a low cost stereo chip amp. Something like a Fosi V3 mono bundled as a pair with their high end power supply will set you back $260. After that, any number of AV control centers will have the required output. As a matter of fact, your current receiver may have the ability to send signal for its Left-Right channels directly to an external stereo amp, and probably that will suit you nicely. Also, Hypex make a nice amp, the NC-252 for l.t. $500 which will work as well. Its sold by Buckeye and VTV in the US.
Hypex and purify based amps are great. And you can wait for wiim ultra or get wiim pro plus as a dac/streamer
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