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    USB-C dongle for hifi

    I am looking to buy possibly a Xiaomi 12 Ultra when it launches. But i don't know which usb-c to aux dongle i should buy. I mostly use my Xenns (mangird) Tea and my YBF-ISS014, and i also mostly listen to flac files. I didn't know what category to post this thread in. Update: I have looked at...
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    Help buying a microphone

    It would be nice if i got some help. I am looking to buy a Mic with a usb. My microphone that i am currently using is a blue snowball which is pretty damaged. My criteria is the price cant be more than $150, and if the mic have som noise filtering it would be nice because of my clicky keyboard...
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    Help setting up Room EQ Wizard

    Hey Audio Science forum! I recently got more into audio and I want to treat my room. So I bought an electret measurement microphone to know what frequencies are the worst in my room to try and treat them. This is my current gear: -Scarlett 2i2g3 audio interface -Adam sub10mk2 subwoofer -Adam...
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    How to test devices

    Hey all! I've just discovered this forum and am eager to dive into some measurements on my own equipment. Only problem: I can't find any tutorials - I can't even find what software y'all use! I've searched around a bit but can't find a thing - I'd be grateful if someone could link me to...
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    Topping E30 + L30 vs Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen - what I'm doing wrong? I'm stupid?

    Hi there, I just got my new E30 + L30 for my current Philips X2Hr that I use with my PC and Focusrite Scarlett Solo for my XLR mic (SM58) that I use for voice over recoding, meetings, game communications, etc. Also I've ordered HD6xx but still waiting to get them delivered (that why I actually...
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    Getting the most from my setup? 8 Questions

    Over the past year I've been collecting equipment for a most excellent home listening experience :cool: Currently I have the following kit: - JDS Labs Atom Amp. - SMSL SU-8 DAC - Massdrop THX AAA 789 Amp (unopened) - Senheiser HD 58x (stock cable) - DIY interconnect RCA cables (Connectronics...
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