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    Is my amp enough for my speakers?

    I just bought a Wiim amp and Kef R3 metas.I will be listening to the speakers around 3 meters away from them. I have looked at the specs and the amp should deliver enough power. But then i read some articles saying that the Kef R3 needs a beefier amp. So now i am confused.
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    Which speaker is the best one?

    I have been researching a lot recently, but I am still a bit confused about which speaker to choose. I have 3 speakers I have been looking at: 1. Kef R3 Meta 2. Ascend Acoustics Sierra-LX. 3. Neumann KH 150 I am wondering which speaker is the best one for me or if there are some better...
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    How do I connect my setup?

    Hey, I am very close to buying the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-LX and a Fosi Audio V3 with a 48v power supply or an Aiyima A07 Pro Amplifier. I wanna be able to connect them to both my Wiim mini my Topping E30 and my TV, which has Optical and a 2,5 mm jack. This is a dumb question but how do I...
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    Deactivating DSP

    Hey, I just ordered a Topping D10's for my Topping L30. I have heard that my Asus b350-f gaming has DSP on as default, but I don't know how to deactivate it. Would be nice if someone has a tutorial for it, because I couldn't find one on google.
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    Best DAC to use with Topping L30

    I am pretty confused about which DAC to buy for my Topping L30 amp. My only requirements are that it is as good as possible, has to be available in Europe, and it has to cost under $250. Is gonna be used with my Hifiman Sundara's.
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    Software EQ on Manjaro

    I recently switched to Manjaro after I got sick of windows. The only thing I havent properly figured out is the audio stack. I'm pretty sure Manjaro uses pulseaudio by default. I'm currently using Pulse Effects to eq and it's often clipping and some apps just bypass the eq (i dont mind this but...
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    First amp

    Hey, I want to buy an amp for my desktop PC, I just got the Hifiman Sundara. I currently own a M-track solo I am pretty sure it has a preamp, is it good enough or is it worth buying an amp? I have looked at the topping L30. The measurements seem good. The specs of my mobo are: SupremeFX S1220A...
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    New to dac/amps

    Hey, I just bought a Hifiman Sundara. But I don't own any DAC/AMPS, I have got a lot of recommendations but I don't which ones are the best. My MOBO's amp is this SupremeFX S1220A codec, plus Texas Instruments® RC4580 and OPA1688 My max prise is $250 1. Ifi zen dac V2 2. Topping DX3 Pro+...
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    Wanting to buy better headphones

    I currently use the m50x, they sound ok but not very impressive. I don't exactly know my preference in the tuning. But I like how the 7hz timeless sounds, same with Mangird tea's. I know that headphones don't sound the same as iems but i like tuning of them. I mostly listen to rap. I prefer them...
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    USB-C dongle for hifi

    I am looking to buy possibly a Xiaomi 12 Ultra when it launches. But i don't know which usb-c to aux dongle i should buy. I mostly use my Xenns (mangird) Tea and my YBF-ISS014, and i also mostly listen to flac files. I didn't know what category to post this thread in. Update: I have looked at...
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    Help buying a microphone

    It would be nice if i got some help. I am looking to buy a Mic with a usb. My microphone that i am currently using is a blue snowball which is pretty damaged. My criteria is the price cant be more than $150, and if the mic have som noise filtering it would be nice because of my clicky keyboard...
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    Help setting up Room EQ Wizard

    Hey Audio Science forum! I recently got more into audio and I want to treat my room. So I bought an electret measurement microphone to know what frequencies are the worst in my room to try and treat them. This is my current gear: -Scarlett 2i2g3 audio interface -Adam sub10mk2 subwoofer -Adam...
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    How to test devices

    Hey all! I've just discovered this forum and am eager to dive into some measurements on my own equipment. Only problem: I can't find any tutorials - I can't even find what software y'all use! I've searched around a bit but can't find a thing - I'd be grateful if someone could link me to...
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    Topping E30 + L30 vs Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd gen - what I'm doing wrong? I'm stupid?

    Hi there, I just got my new E30 + L30 for my current Philips X2Hr that I use with my PC and Focusrite Scarlett Solo for my XLR mic (SM58) that I use for voice over recoding, meetings, game communications, etc. Also I've ordered HD6xx but still waiting to get them delivered (that why I actually...
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    Getting the most from my setup? 8 Questions

    Over the past year I've been collecting equipment for a most excellent home listening experience :cool: Currently I have the following kit: - JDS Labs Atom Amp. - SMSL SU-8 DAC - Massdrop THX AAA 789 Amp (unopened) - Senheiser HD 58x (stock cable) - DIY interconnect RCA cables (Connectronics...
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