1. M

    Fidelio AW9000/10 parametric equalizer with Wiim pro plus

    Hello :) This is my first thread, usually I find everything I need on this forum, but this time it's a bit different ;) I would like to know if anyone knows where I can find some parametric equalizer setup for the speakers Fidelio AW9000/10 (Fidelio A9)? I just bought the Wiim pro plus, and...
  2. U

    HouseCurve iOS app with GEQ?

    Complete noob here. I don't yet have a DSP but figured I would toy with the HouseCurve app in the interim. My Yamaha RX-v383 is a little baby and only allows me YPAO PEQ or REQ adjustments at set frequency intervals between 63hz and 16khz Was curious if I could somehow translate from the PEQ...
  3. D

    Would I get tired of adjusting EQ? How do others handle adjusting the EQ often?

    I really like the Macintosh ma12000. When I was at the store listening to it, I missed a portion of the song that was playing while I adjusted the EQ. It was enough of the portion of the song to kind of bother me. On my luxman and Yamaha amps, I keep the treble the same all the time. But I...
  4. Mantra

    differents amps ,might I have some advises about them? Dac or Cd player

    Hi Well , I don't want to make a compare between Denon and Marantz , I guess it's unless but for my ears Marantz have a more flat sound with less bass and more treble , while Denon for my ears with more bass and less treble , all 2 channels I own even vintage amps Pioneer ,Denon and Marantz ,and...
  5. D

    Parametric EQ options with audio interface and monitors

    I have a Focusrite 2i2 audio interface, and its speaker outputs are combined with headphones output in the system, as in most/all audio interfaces out there, I guess. I'm planning to buy some active near-field monitors, and I'd like to EQ speakers only (without affecting the headphones output)...
  6. S

    Bose 901 Series VI EQ mid treble slider info

    The mid treble and mid bass slider in Bose 901 Series VI EQ are not linear, in the sense that the slider position from the center by distance and the change in dB are not linearly related. Measured with low end Focusrite USB interface. Left channel measured. Bass: 1 Mid bass: +4 Mid treble: -6...
  7. PaperBoat

    Fabfilter Pro MB as DSP?

    Anyone here using this professional tool as a DSP in consumer environment?
  8. M

    Searching for an (DAC/AMP) Equalizer

    Im searching primarily for an Equalizer to spice up my sound for my Sennheiser HD660S. Im not deep into audio stuff, so i dont know whether i even need a dac/amp or if a sole EQ would be enough. I just need one line of input for my headphones but id like as many differnt frequencies adjustable...
  9. S

    DAC with EQ for TV?

    Hi, I recently bought the Edifier R2750DB. It's connected to my TV via TRS to RCA cable. I'd like to have more control over the sound by adding a DAC. And use toslink out from TV to toslink input on the DAC and from DAC to speaker via RCA. So I was browsing the web for a DAC that has EQ setting...
  10. T

    Are your ears in phase? How to check and fix a phase mismatch (improving stereo image)

    During the last days I've been using a sine wave generator ("SineGen") to find peaks in my headphones and equalize them. Yesterday I noticed that this software has an option to adjust the phase of the wave, and I decided to try it out. I did several tests moving the slider with my eyes closed...
  11. IAtaman

    CamillaNode : A web based UI alternative to control CamillaDSP as PEQ

    Hey All, TL;DR: camillaNode is an open source, free to use CamillaDSP control interface specifically built to function as a parametric EQ with AutoEQ integration, and is available on GitHub via the link here. I was looking for alternative UI to control CamillaDSP as a simple equalizer for...
  12. jaakkopasanen

    autoeq.app Is a Web Application for Equalizing Headphones the Easy Way

    AutoEq is a project for automatically equalizing headphones. While this project is now familiar to many people engaged in headphone hobby, it has always been a bit of a pain to use if you want anything else than the pre-computed presets. autoeq.app is a web app using AutoEq but now with a...
  13. IAtaman

    CamillaDSP User Interface Alternatives

    Given how capable it is, I imagine CamillaDSP might have quite a wide variety of use cases for quite a lot of people. One not-very-visionary way is to use it as an EQ for non-Windows sources. CamillaGUI interface, albeit quite handy, is not the most easy to use however for the EQ usecase. I was...
  14. A

    What impact will adding EQ have on overall loudness?

    Adding EQ will put a burden on the amplifier, but how can I calculate the specific dB impact of the EQ settings on the overall maximum volume? Thank you!
  15. IAtaman

    Five EQ filters ought to be enough for any good headphone (or IEM?)

    Is my current theory that I would like to bounce off of you gentlemen. I suspect it might be obvious to many of you who are more knowledgeable and experienced than I am, but to me it came as a slow revelation as I spend more time trying to solve EQ issues using MacOS. And in full, it goes...
  16. A

    DT880 vs DT990 (EQ'd)

    Hello all, Lately, I've been enjoying my 600 ohm DT880's. I bought them primarily for gaming, but when EQ'd, they become the most well-rounded headphone I own. The sound fills out, while retaining strong detail and spatiality + all-day comfort. I watched some Beyer teardowns on youtube, and...
  17. IAtaman

    STM32 based DSP/EQ

    Well, I wanted a new pet project for a while and fiddling with the eqMac (and hating it), I thought, why not build one yourself! I am aware there are quite a lot of RPi4 based solutions out there, but 1. Pi4 is very hard to source even if you are willing to pay win11 mini PC prices for it, 2. I...
  18. davidebond

    Eq setting

    Hi. I don't want an eq preset. I would a suggestion on create a more round and gorgeous sound. What Maurizio Pollini asks to his piano technician. I would say a "fat" sound. Not a filiform one. I hope to be clear. In any case, I don't want values for any setting of the eq (given that any value...
  19. dreadknot

    help me choose best 2ch combo stax

    Help me decide i plan to have a dedicated music room for just listening va a pair of speakers an headphones and im planning to put together a new Over-The-Ear/Dac/Eq/Dac/Lp/2 CH stack an pair with my existing crown audio xls-1502 & my 2nd schiit magnius an and i want to pair with either the...
  20. PaperBoat

    Exciter vs. Dynamic EQ

    Slate Digital Fresh Air vs. Fabfilter Pro • Q³ which is better to bring the air into music?
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