1. davidebond

    Eq setting

    Hi. I don't want an eq preset. I would a suggestion on create a more round and gorgeous sound. What Maurizio Pollini asks to his piano technician. I would say a "fat" sound. Not a filiform one. I hope to be clear. In any case, I don't want values for any setting of the eq (given that any value...
  2. dreadknot

    help me choose best 2ch combo stax

    Help me decide i plan to have a dedicated music room for just listening va a pair of speakers an headphones and im planning to put together a new Over-The-Ear/Dac/Eq/Dac/Lp/2 CH stack an pair with my existing crown audio xls-1502 & my 2nd schiit magnius an and i want to pair with either the...
  3. PaperBoat

    Exciter vs. Dynamic EQ

    Slate Digital Fresh Air vs. Fabfilter Pro • Q³ which is better to bring the air into music?
  4. composer

    What about hardware EQ nowadays?

    Dear friends I was looking for an hardware EQ but, unlike in the past, it is very hard to find new ones: the making of hardware eq's for "home" listening (not for studio purposes, of course) has dropped during the years. Now everything is handled by the computer and its software. But what if...
  5. PaperBoat

    JBL 305p MKii Boundary EQ

    What is the "Q" value and the "Cut off frequency" of the JBL 305p MKii Boundary EQ? I want to replicate it using the Jriver low shelf software parametric Equalizer... Please help.
  6. PaperBoat

    ASIO with EQ

    SONY Music Center for PC+ ASIO+ Equalizer+ Topping D10 Balanced? Is there any Equalizer that support ASIO driver?
  7. K

    Gullfoss dynamic EQ

    Has anyone given this a try? It's primarily aimed at producers but I've heard surprisingly good results using this for my library. It's a live algorithmic EQ (not ML nonsense) built around two adjustable parameters Recover and Tame. Recover attempts to retrieve detail by increasing the...
  8. T

    Any music player app can do both autoeq data and adaptive sound?

    Hello guys! I am looking for an android music player app can write in autoeq data and adaptive sound? Recently, I move to xiaomi phone and find a function is called sound adjustment come with system, which play some beep voice for testing your hearing lose, and eq for indivIdual ear, which work...
  9. K

    macOS sound source help

    Hi, My setup is Sennheiser 660s, Topping A30pro, D10B. I want to EQ my setup on mac. Is there somewhere that I can test if EQing will make a difference? I don't want to commit $100 to soundsource and plugins before I know that its worth it. Thanks,
  10. mononoaware

    Equalizer settings (mine) - Do you think my hearing is broken?

    So this is what my EQ setting on NW-A50 Series Walkman has looked like for the past few years and everything sounds “just right”, do you think my hearing is broken? The one in image (Custom 1) is for over-ear headphones, but the saved IEM equalizer setting (Custom 2) looks identical except -2dB...
  11. S

    Boom 3D eq for Mac: what’s your experience?

    Next week my UMIK-1 will arrive and I’m now preparing and setting up the relevant software on my Mac mini. REW is ready to roll, and I downloaded a trial version if Boom 3D for eq. First I wanted to verify that when everything is flat is Boom 3D, it sounds the same as outputting directly to my...
  12. sweetchaos

    List of Amir's Headphone GEQ filters

    This is a Graphic Equalization (GEQ) guide based on Amir's excellent headphone reviews! If you're looking for Parametric Equalization (PEQ) guide, see my previous post. **************************************************** AS OF 2022-08-17: I'VE STOPPED UPDATING THIS LIST. I'M SPENDING MY...
  13. S

    Calibration tool for Headphone + Hearing capability

    Hello everybody, I've been dreaming for such a tool for many years and now it is part of the Peace EQ interface. Has anyone tried it yet? If you use a Windows PC as a music source, give it a go. I was part of the development and so I used it the most. If you need more info than what's on my...
  14. S

    How to EQ my headphones.

    Hey guys, so for the longest time ever, I was a firm believer that eq destroys music because I always found that whenever I tried to EQ my headphones they sounded really distorted. This was until I got my Sennheiser HD58x, Topping E30, and JDS Atom. With much better equipment, I found eq-ing to...
  15. AndrovichIV

    Linux settings for an audiophile

    I created a Reddit thread with my setup to get the best audio from Linux. This is work in progress, so any comments will be greatly appreciated!
  16. I

    Amp's tone control vs. software equalizer for a headphone?

    Hello everyone, I have this simple yet technical question: is there a fundamental difference between amp's tone control versus a software equalizer? I do not own an amp, but while searching for information I found that some amps have these knobs where you can control base/mid/treble and even...
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