1. D

    3D Modeling and Redesign of Enclosure

    Hey all, I got covid this last week. Not a lot to do but 3D model. I have been seriously considering the baffle and bracing of my existing nearfield monitors. My goals this year are to learn CNC, and I hope for this to be my first finished project. Luckily, most pieces are also small enough to...
  2. Z

    MT-602 and bookshelf speakers

    Hello, how are you doing? Sorry for my ignorance, but I have found some conflicting information online and I would like some thoughts on what I am trying to do. Currently i have a Topping e30 DAC + MT602 tube amplifier. I use this set up to power up my HD650, and I truly love it. However, i...
  3. B

    Trying to decide on new near field monitors for casual(ish) listening

    I've read tons of reviews here (and elsewhere) and am struggling to choose an active powered near field monitor for casual (and sometimes critical-ish) listening. I have really good ears and am treble sensitive so anything with a ribbon tweeter is probably out. The speakers will go on a fairly...
  4. R

    Monoprice Encore B5 coming in April, poor mans Arendal 1961? Also the T5 $150 USD each The design philosophy and similarity to some of the Arendal speakers is again present. This set reminds of the 1961 with the sealed design and overall design strategy. I wonder if these sound good? Time will tell. Also a smaller tower...
  5. Marasmic

    Need a pair of monitors with better bass extension than the IK MMs (Budget less than $500 if possible)

    Hey all, I'm currently in the market for a pair of monitors to replace the IK micromonitors I bought. The micromonitors are very impressive for their size, but they're very forward with the mids and they're not able to reproduce the bass tones in a lot of the music I listen to/make. I bought...
  6. sweetchaos

    Edifier MR-4 review (by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for another review. This time it's the Edifier MR-4 (same model that Amir reviewed previously): Obviously, loudness limited. Use nearfield only. EDIT 2022-01-11: Video review is up Discuss!
  7. sweetchaos

    Monoprice Encore B6 Bookshelf Review (by Erin)

    Link to @hardisj review They are US$360/pair. Erin's conclusion: Discuss!
  8. B

    Polk Reserve R100 Measurement Interest

    I have an extra Polk Reserve R100 bookshelf speaker sitting in a box, so I wanted to gauge the interest on having it measured on a Klippel NFS.
  9. dominikz

    Revel M16 - quasi-anechoic spinorama and misc measurements

    This is a quasi-anechoic spinorama measurement of the Revel M16 passive bookshelf speaker. Although this speaker was one of the relatively early ones measured in high precision using Klippel NFS in a review by @amirm (link), I figured it is always nice to have another independent data point so I...
  10. sweetchaos

    List of Budget Bookshelf Speakers

    -=List of Active Bookshelf Speakers=- -=List of Passive Bookshelf Speakers=-...
  11. M

    Budget Amplifier to pair with Mb42x

    I just bough a pair of micca Mb42x to use at my desk and play music in that room, It was caught small about 12 x 6 and my only plans of expansion would be to porbably get a Sub next year. I was going to buy a lepai 2020 but i have seen many reviews trashing it. Would this be suitable...
  12. Kaiju

    Integrated amp < $700 / amp talks.

    I have bought Triangle Br03, (power handling:100 W, nominal impedance is 8 ohms and min. is 4,2 ohms). I am looking for the integrated amp that is below 700$ and input would be from DAC Schiit Modi 3. Can my fellow member suggest me integrated amps for my requirement. Thank you.
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