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  1. P

    Looking for Bookshelf Speakers with Clarity and Brightness for Nearfield Listening

    Hello everyone, Brazilian planning to buy speakers for my house in Argentina. I'm currently using a Sony STR-DE895 (more info below) receiver and I'm interested in finding a pair of bookshelf speakers that excel in clarity and have a slightly brighter sound signature. These speakers would...
  2. L

    Xover and Tweeter phase advice

    Do you think the tweeter phase could be negligible? Does the crossover seem well done in general? I'm a novice, I think I did everything correctly, but maybe I'm wrong.
  3. Buu

    LCR setup. Will you take up the challenge?

    Greetings from Poland here. I know that some of you will rup your head and say: what he hell is doing - it will not work and it's rubbish, but let try to find the way from this situation :) I'm not movie or audio freak :) I can watch the movie with small wireless speaker ;) It will be rather...
  4. X

    General Question about DAC/AMP PC setup

    Hello fellow audiophiles! I recently bought a Topping E30 II/L30 II Stack and need some advice/help. I am trying to use it for my PC/Mac and need some help with the setup and settings. I plan on using it for music, movies, videos, and games. I plan on using Apple Music/Spotify Premium ( and...
  5. Rosokha

    My 1st hi-fi system with NHT C4 speakers. Need Amplifier + DAC advice. Budget up to $2300.

    Hello! I'm very glad to have found this forum. I've read many topics already and decided to create my own. I hope for your help. Sorry for any possible mistakes - I used Chat GPT to translate the text. I'm putting together my first hi-fi system for streaming music (Deezer/Apple...
  6. B

    HELP, I need guidance

    Hi, I would like to ask you guys for some guidance. I might sound really dumb, but I am just really confused on what I should get and do. I am in the market for a whole system of sorts. I was thinking about getting a turntable, the Pro Jet Carbon Pro, with the Bower and Wilkins 607 S3 and...
  7. Tijask

    He6se V2 Best General Setups

    So here I am 6 months after I bought the He6se V2. I decided to connect it to a Topping A 30 Pro and Topping D10B and my PC. Honestly the Topping can push it quite good. Only at ear bleeding levels you get too much noise. Still I have the feeling that I lack Bass and that the Headphones sound...
  8. D

    Recommendations for DAC with 2 Coax inputs

    Hello All! I've been lurking and reading reviews for a while but as of today I am a new member. I have been reading a number of well reviewed DAC's in the past few months here but all the ones I have seen only have 1 coax, optical and USB. I am hoping for some recommendations regarding a...
  9. lkanies

    Seeking replacement for KH80s

    Hello, I have a pair of Neumann KH80s, and I am relatively dissatisfied with them. I would appreciate advice on whether another setup would work better for me. To be clear, the audio quality is great. The main problems I have are: - They are missing some oomph, especially in the mid-range...
  10. H

    Audeze LCD-X - Amp/Dac question

    Hello everyone I need your help, I recently bought an Audeze LCD-X (my first expensive headphones) and I was expecting that they will blow me away but they sound really similar to my cheap Koss UR20, they don't sound bad but they are really not that much better, they just feel underwhelming for...
  11. K

    Upgrade path - seeking recommendations.

    Current Equipment: Integrated Amp: Audiolab 6000hu with Audiolab DC Block Streaming: Musicast WXAD-10, RCA to 6000h Vinyl: Rega P6, Ania MC, Michell Tecnoarm, Rega Phono MC, Neo PSU. Speakers: Focal Aria 926 Subwoofer: SVS PB1000 AVR: Denon AVR X3400H pre-out L&R to 6000h. Analogue source...
  12. W

    Fosi v3 load dependency with Elac dbr62 - A problem?

    I recently bought a Fosi audio V3 amp and I'm looking to buy some speakers. Fortunately I've found some Elac dbr62's used for $220. But should I buy them? As you can see at around 20khz they have an impedance of 10ohm: And that brings up an problem. The Fosi V3 amp has load dependency as you...
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