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    Kali LP-6/LP-8 V2 (2nd Wave) studio monitors released

    Cant really play the file but had similar issue which was fixed connected through XLR. It would happen regardless of what system i connected it to.
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    Tom's hardware tells the truth

    Round two
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    Say "Hello!" to boXem | audio Arthur series, Hypex and Purifi based power amplifiers

    I received mine about a month ago and replaced an IOM hypex252 for a desktop setting. It has been pretty good, i opted for the black and perfectly matches my desk setup. I'm not gonna pretend like there is a difference between the two soundwise but it definitely runs cooler and the audio sense...
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    Would you give up your headphone jack on your phone???

    Switched to using L&P W2 or e1da on the back of phone with 180° USB c to c (link below)...
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Triangle BR08 at adorama $399
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    Say "Hello!" to boXem | audio Arthur series, Hypex and Purifi based power amplifiers

    All black where? I would love to get my hands on two! :D
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    Steve Guttenberg - Audiophiliac

    Yea i didnt watch his videos, i was just stating the issue of being completely dismissive of personal taste of subjective reviews. The goal is always to have people learn about the science and make informed decision which is easier when people dont get bombarded with negative and aggresive...
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    Steve Guttenberg - Audiophiliac

    Again i feel there is too much emphasis on "bad speaker". Is it a neutral/hifi speaker? no, but you can see from the review that it is adequately designed. Everyone has different tastes in food just because you dont like to eat fish, apples, or steak etc doesn't mean you are wrong. Now if you...
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    Steve Guttenberg - Audiophiliac

    I think the issue is like Erin pointed out, it's not us vs them. The preference for each person is different in audio but the issue is when you push snakeoil as a must and magic. As long as people understand that typical "audiophile" does not represent hifi and clear sound. I think this can only...
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    My first youtube interview... I am famous now!!!

    This is great, it's good to see things and your perspective in video format. I Iike many learned a lot from you and others in this forum. I hope ASR continues to grow!
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    Amp to go with a Bifrost 2, or a new stack entirely?

    i haven't tried the new biifrost2 but my experience with owning the original biifrost+lyr2 vs a khadas TB+JDS atom amp i dont think I'd ever go back to schiit ever. The later definitely blew me away so i would recommend getting rid of the schiit stack completely but you can always get the JDS...
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    List of Amir's Headphone PEQ filters

    In case someone was also looking, i found this which has a bunch of EQs of different HP made from different sources to import use:
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    Black Fri SVS Subwoofer Sale

    I was considering the SVS for the price so i decided to test some bassy music with my Studio2 and it didnt take long for my downstair neighbor to complain even though i had pads under my carpet and my speaker setup on isolation pads :D
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    Black Fri SVS Subwoofer Sale

    I'm sad i slept on this deal but yea a minidsp 2x4 HD with the 4 subs would work amazingly. I havent tried it but presets available you can always configure for each scenario you want (2HSU, 2 SVS, All 4).
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    Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales

    You're pretty much the person who posts here the most and i for one am grateful and appreciate it. That being said It's always good to see discounts in other countries (confusing tone :p).
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