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Wireless Subwoofer recommendation - 361 sq ft / 33,6 m2 room size (9.8 ft / 3m high ceilings)


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Aug 16, 2023
Hi, my room is 22,7ft deep and 15,9ft wide.
The TV is on the wall on the deep side of the room.

We have a Polk R500 (L+R) + R100 (surrounds) + R300 (C) system.
I'd like to add a single wireless subwoofer because there is a wall to wall closet/furniture that won't allow a subwoofer on either side next to the tv/speakers nor is there any cabling behind the couch for a subwoofer.

On the left side of the couch is a large sliding window of 22ft wide and the only option to put the subwoofer is behind the couch next to that window.
I'm thinking this room setup is a recipe for disaster due to the window, high ceilings, reverberations and all.

Everything needs to be WAF proof as well so I was looking at Sealed subs such as the SVS SB-2000 pro or the Arendal 1961 1s, Martin Logan Dynamo.
I know the SVS has the ability to use a wireless transmitter, the arendal has not (to my knowledge).

Max budget is $1500 - Any other recommendations?
I'm open to any brand.
I'm from europe and a lot of brands costs a lot more here than in the US.

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You may want to check out this excellent spreadsheet by @sweetchaos that compares a sh**load of subwoofers.

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