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Using Raspberry Pi as DSP Only to Wiim Mini


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May 11, 2022
I have both the Raspberry Pi (with touchscreen case) and Wiim Mini. I much prefer Wiim's app interface (as well as using Tidal Connect) to the Raspberry Pi's Volumio interface. My wife also likes the Alexa integration with Wiim. However, the DSP on the Wiim is underwhelming. The DSPFusion DSP I'm using with Volumio is so much more robust. Is there a way I can integrate the Wiim and Raspberry Pi together? I'd like to use Wiim's streaming and Raspberry Pi's DSP (and touchscreen, if possible). I have the SMSL DO100 as the external dac. Connection-wise, Wiim connects to the dac via optical, whereas the Raspberry uses USB. Is there any way to add optical to the Raspberry? How can I combine the Wiim Mini and the Raspberry Pi for one, integrated unit? Has anyone done this?


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Apr 10, 2021

I recommend you a better card than the one used in that tutorial though. Check out the hifime, they are like 40 euros and do up to 96khz or 192khz over toslink depending on the model


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Dec 2, 2019
FWIW, they are supposed to be adding PEQ to Wiim, it was apparently just delayed due to the launch of Pro and other things they deemed higher priority to implement in software. Maybe contact them and see if this is still in the pipeline, to save yourself the effort if you are patient.

Edit: https://wiimhome.com/Roadmap.html
Apparently it's back in their roadmap and they want to implement by Jan 15.

Updates to be released by 1 / 15 / 2023
New Feature:

  • Parametric EQ (PEQ)
  • Add the separate EQ settings for the Aux-in, BT and WiFi sources into Audio Settings and Alarm setting
  • Support My Mix for TIDAL
  • Move the active playback among multiple devices. Good for TIDAL, Qobuz, Amazon Music.
  • Roon Ready
  • MQA public release
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