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Throbbing Between Your Legs

Frank Dernie

Addicted to Fun and Learning
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Mar 24, 2016
A life without risk is a life half lived.
I did plenty of risky things before I had dependants, the most risky being rock climbing at a time when the equipment was very crude compared to now. Anyway I was working 60-80 hours a week by then and never had time, so I wasn't going to be on a bike often - particularly since we would be going everywhere as a family of 4. OTOH my grandfather uised a motorcycle and sidecar as family transport for 4 of them for many years.
I am an old fart now. I do have a convertible 2 seater for fun in summer but I have no interest in riding 'bikes now.

Blumlein 88

Major Contributor
Feb 23, 2016
That is one long bike! Seems like he has trouble reaching the handle bar and pedals.
I saw one of these with that engine. Not this particular bike in the video. It was better done though still very long. I am sure it is also incredibly heavy. You do get an exhaust note few two wheelers have.
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