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Stereo speakers/monitor for a desk and a DAC


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Aug 5, 2022
Hi, I am looking to replace my cheap PC speakers with something much better. I set a budget to 200-300$ per speaker.
I've a 160x70cm desk and 48'' inch TV on it so there is 26cm on the sides left. Also, they can't be too deep, I think max 30cm, but they will be really close to the wall. Desk is just 1cm away of the wall, but I could squeeze 2cm more xD.
The room is small ~16m2.

I've been looking over the Internet and I came across studio monitors and thought that would be a good option, because they should have better sound quality. My plan is to buy flat speakers and use EQ if needed :). But, I am not an audio guy and don't know if they would be good for all of my use cases.

I came across these monitors:
Kali Audio LP-6 v2
Tannoy Gold 7
Adam T7V
Kali Audio IN-5

and speakers with a lot of connection options:
Klipsch The Fives (they have a setting to make them more flat)
Argon Audio Forte Active 5 (probably more hifi)

Speakers will be use mostly for listening to music (60% of the time), watching movies (20%) and also playing games (20%). In terms of sound it should be clear and detailed with good soundstage and imaging. I don't plan to buy a sub right now. I listen to a lot of genres, but mainly rock, metal and electronic.

Also, there is a connectivity issue because I'd like to use them with PC, TV, tablet and console so I also need an advice about DAC with bluetooth or sth like that. Budget? I don't know, but nothing fancy - a device to do the job.
My TV has hdmi arc, optical and jack outputs. On PC I could use usb or put the sound through HDMI to the TV. Console is connected through HDMI (no other audio outputs). For tablet I need bluetooth.

Are studio monitors a good option for me or should I go with hifi? Which one would you recommend the most?
I heard that they can produce noise, I'd like to avoid that. My listening position is 60-70cm away of the speakers.

Last question that maybe I should start with. Do monitors sound decent from different position like from the side? Sometimes, I just want to listen away from the desk.
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