1. K

    Stereo 3.5mm 12V cable caused popping sound

    I have a Denon 4700 AVR in pre-out mode connected to an external amplifier with a high-level connection to an REL sub. When I used a stereo 3.5mm cable for the 12V trigger out to the amp it caused the subwoofer to make a popping sound when the external amp powered on and off via the 12V trigger...
  2. Y

    Poor sound quality via TV optical output

    I have a 2.0 powered shelf speakers (Microlab Solo 7c) that where previously connected to a non-smart-tv audio output and to a pc in its 3.5mm audio output. At that time the sound was really great and when we watched Netflix and movies from the pc we really enjoyed the sound quality, it was...
  3. T

    I Dream of Maggies

    Hello! I just recently found this forum and I want to start by saying what a relief it is to find somewhere that doesn’t believe in ‘magic cables’. I’m still in the process of digging through all the information stored here, but it’s a lot to absorb and I’m hoping someone can help give me a...
  4. orchardaudio

    PecanPi - Next Generation Raspberry Pi DAC and Streamer

    Meet the PecanPi DAC and Streamer Improvements over previous generation DAC include: Fully linear ultra low noise power supplies Re-clocking with Crystek femtosecond jitter oscillator Built in HW volume control (no Volume-Clocker needed) Built in high performance headphone amplifier Full...
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