1. sweetchaos

    Jamo C93 II Bookshelf speaker review (by EAC)

    These retail for US$300/pair. It has a 6" woofer. Erin's review: https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/jamo_c93_ii/ Update: Video review Discuss!
  2. J

    Micca RB42 Challenges, think I need Amp recommendations

    Hi All! First post. I am trying to get the best out of a set of Micca RB42's I have on my desk. They are exactly the right fit for the limited space I have. I have been dealing with using a simple portable BT speaker for my work desk for a while and decided it was time to finally invest in...
  3. sweetchaos

    Jamo S803 Bookshelf Speaker Review (by EAC)

    These retail for US$150/pair. They have a 5" woofer. Erin's review: https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/jamo_s803/ update: Video review Discuss!
  4. PaperBoat

    JBL 305p MKii Boundary EQ

    What is the "Q" value and the "Cut off frequency" of the JBL 305p MKii Boundary EQ? I want to replicate it using the Jriver low shelf software parametric Equalizer... Please help.
  5. T

    Stereo speakers/monitor for a desk and a DAC

    Hi, I am looking to replace my cheap PC speakers with something much better. I set a budget to 200-300$ per speaker. I've a 160x70cm desk and 48'' inch TV on it so there is 26cm on the sides left. Also, they can't be too deep, I think max 30cm, but they will be really close to the wall. Desk is...
  6. Thunder

    Which balanced cable do I need to connect a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to a pair of KRK Rokit RP5 G4?

    The interface has two 1/4 inch output lines, one for each speaker and the KRKs have one XLR female and 1/4 inch combined input each one. Would this be good? It's a XLR Male to 1/4 inch TRS balanced cable...
  7. PaperBoat


    Is 2Vrms enough to achieve the maximum SPL when using the -10dBV input of JBL 305p MKii? +6dBV = 1.995Vrms?
  8. BrainBugs

    What are the thingamabobs called you can use on some speakers to adjust the gain of the high frequencies?

    So I have a pair of speakers that have the option to adjust the gain of high frequencies by one or two dB by putting the thingamabobs in a certain position (see image). Does anyone know what these are called? I seem to have lost mine and would like to buy a pair, that is if they are sold seperately.
  9. PaperBoat

    JBL 305p MKii

    My JBL 305p MKii's sell sheet telling this ↓ What does it mean?
  10. batata004

    Amplifier sharing same GND as LINE IN

    I have a digital piano with LINE OUT. I also have a mini amplifier named "pam8610" (cheap and very common) which has LINE IN. I have 2 power supplies, each one with 12V and 5A. When I connect each power supply to each device (one power supply to the piano and the other power supply to the mini...
  11. orchardaudio

    2022 Speakerfest in Phoenix, AZ -- August 27th

    I am proud to announce that we will be present at the 2022 Speakerfest in Phoenix, AZ Orchard Audio will have two setups at the event. Setup 1: Floor standing (ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UFR52) speakers driven by the Starkrimson Stereo Ultra amplifier Setup 2: Bookshelf (ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62)...
  12. R

    PartsExpress Copperhead has been tested over at EAC

    https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/parts_express_copperhead/ Saw this was posted. I know the DIY kit is being tested here as well. Anyway go ahead and gave a look at what Erin found. Might not be worth a double Klipple but then again maybe it is to allow for more discussion in the...
  13. D

    3D Modeling and Redesign of Enclosure

    Hey all, I got covid this last week. Not a lot to do but 3D model. I have been seriously considering the baffle and bracing of my existing nearfield monitors. My goals this year are to learn CNC, and I hope for this to be my first finished project. Luckily, most pieces are also small enough to...
  14. D

    Adam t5v OR Genelec 8010A? Small Studio Space

    Hi there - I'm wondering if a pair of t5v's or a Genelec 8010A's would work better for a small recording/performing space? What do you think? I've found a few more generic wall mounting options for the t5v's but they're not exactly the best option, wall mounting would save a lot of space for me...
  15. momonone

    ATC 11 and AE 1 classic amp?

    Hi all, i recently need 2 amp (different room) for AE1 Classic and ATC 11 , i don really have much to spend, maybe under 1k usd? both room around 120 sq ft...
  16. sweetchaos

    Mcintosh XR50 speaker review (by Erins Audio Corner)

    This is a review done by Erin from ErinsAudioCorner.com I'm re-posting a few of the measurements from Erin's website: https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/mcintosh_xr50/ Erin's conclusion: If you'd like to see more speaker reviews by Erin (from ErinsAudioCorner.com)...
  17. dougi

    What mechanism is causing feedback in this setup?

    The other day, when performing near-field measurements of my study speakers (as part of designing a crossover for them), I started getting feedback when measuring close to the tweeter (Seas D2010/8513) with no test signal being generated. Measurement setup was: PC USB->Scarlett 2i2 audio...
  18. sweetchaos

    Kef Q650c Center Channel Speaker Review (by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for another review! https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/kef_q650c_center/ This is the 2.5-way center channel from Kef, which retails for US$750/ea. Preference score (as per Erin): 3.5 (or 5.8 /w sub) Conclusion: Discuss!
  19. sweetchaos

    Miller & Kreisel S150 speaker review (by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for another review! https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/m_and_k_s150/ Preference score (as per Erin): 3.4 (/w sub 6.4) Conclusion: Discuss!
  20. Z

    Studio Monitors Upgrade Suggestion/Advice

    Dear ASR Members, This is my first time posting in the forums so a bit nervous. I have a small room (12x11x10) and want to get a decent pair or 2.1 system studio monitors for it. I have been using the Rokit 6 G3s for 7 years now and feel like it’s time for an upgrade. I have treated the room...
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