1. S

    Most cost effective upgrade route?

    hi guys, what's the most cost effective upgrade I could take for my current setup? am using: kef lsx II listening about 1.5m away from the speakers, they are used on my desk with my pc. no sub, no eq (only whatever settings in the kef connect app) used for music / youtube most of the time...
  2. batata004

    How large should be my port

    Hi my friends! I am complete new into this hobby of building speaker boxes and after making a lot of research I still couldnt discover how to solve this question. I have 2 speakers (125w RMS - Taramps 7driver HD 250S) which have a really really really nice sound (from low-high). I built a box...
  3. E

    Quality speakers for classical music with high output/volume

    I am building my first system where I am going to stream music from my computer to a streamer (likely Bluesound Node) and connect it to the speakers both in my office and in another room. One of my first dilemmas is getting high quality speakers that can reproduce 24/192 sound (or at least...
  4. MDNSC

    Interesting aspect of phase

    Today I saw a video talking about a phase shifted square wave. In that video, he show cased how a square wave and a 90 degree phase rotated square wave sounds like, which sounds the same in frequency perspective of course. But interestingly, the phase shifted square needs more dynamic range to...
  5. phrwn

    FS: Single Kef R3, walnut

    $800 pickup; shipping at cost. Single walnut Kef R3, with grille, bass baffle plug thing, and original box. Bought new a year ago, splitting a pair with another forum member here to use as a center channel. Selling because it doesn't quite fit in the media cabinet and it's lost the battle...
  6. PaperBoat

    foobar2000 v2.0 beta 64-bit

    Just switched back from JRiver 29 to Foobar... Looking for Eole type of F2k theme... Any help?
  7. howkey-cz

    Tower speakers similar to Shure 940 or ATH r70x

    Hi, I am looking for a tower speaker for a 20-38sqm room. Price shouldn't go over 1600 EUR($1700) for a pair. I own SMSL A300 amp and SMSL C200 dac with very very old Nordmende speakers :D I am looking for some speakers with similar sound to my headphones Shure 940 and ATH-R70x. I don't want to...
  8. PaperBoat

    Pultec punch

    Hi all! Merry Christmas Eve! I've paired my JBL 305p MKII Monitors with an IFI Zen Air DAC... I toggled boundary EQ to -3dB and now trying to tighten up the low end using DSP... My IFI DAC has an XBass+ switch which is an ASP circuitry. I know the XBass (XBass+ has better components) feature is...
  9. PaperBoat

    IFI XBass+

    Hello everyone! Newbie here... I have paired my IFI Zen Air DAC with JBL 305p MKII Monitors using IFI Zen Air DAC’s RCA outputs… Will it be safe to use the XBass+ feature of IFI Zen Air DAC when I’m listening to my JBL Speakers? Is XBass+ only meant for headphones and not for speakers? Is XBass+...
  10. M

    suggestions for a tiny speaker with specific requirements

    I need several small powered speakers for a sculpture project, but the nature of the project implies specific requirements. The speakers will be installed on a flat board hanging on a wall, and covered by a mask that has low clearance. no bluetooth needed - wired AUX input mandatory. Ideally...
  11. C

    The desktop setup needs an upgrade

    Hi all, so I'm kinda new to audiophile (2 years ago I was still using Astros A40 so don't judge me) and since the beginning of the last year I bought 2 KPH30i (one clear, that is modded with Grado pads, and another normal) and a Beyerdynamic Tygr. I have some headphones on my list, such as...
  12. R

    Request: Telegrapher Gorilla review

    Unsure if this is the right way of submitting a request but I'd really like to read an in-depth review of the Telegrapher Gorillas. https://www.telegrapherloudspeakers.com/gorilla
  13. sweetchaos

    Monitor Audio Silver 50 7g Bookshelf Speaker Review

    Erin @hardisj is back with another fantastic review! :eek::D These retail for approximately $979/pair USD. Plus the full suite of measurements at: https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/monitoraudio_silver_50_7g/ His conclusion: Discuss!
  14. B

    Line Array Speakers : Modular, Expandable, Out-of-the-Box Design for in-home use

    That title… Sounds impossible, right? Possible, and sounds right. The project has spanned some years of (1) excessive backlit screen reading, (2) many in-person listening sessions to diverse high end systems, and (3) defining my preferences/expectations, then pursuing them with this particular...
  15. K

    Is it safe to connect Objective2+ODAC 3.5mm to powered speaker?

    Hi, I have tried to connect my audioengine a5+ to my objective2+odac but the RCA-outputs just wont work. What I am waondering about is if it's completely safe for the active speakers if I would connect them directly to the amplified 3.5mm on the objective2+odac? Will I damage the speaker?
  16. PaperBoat

    Fungus on soft dome tweeter...

    My studio monitor's soft dome tweeters are infected by fungus... Will it deteriorate the sound quality of those tweeters?
  17. sweetchaos

    ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 bookshelf review (by EAC)

    This bookshelf has a 5.25" woofer, and retails for US$330/pair. The rest of the graphs are on Erin's website: https://www.erinsaudiocorner.com/loudspeakers/elac_db52/ Erin's conclusions: Discuss!
  18. U

    Having trouble interpreting frequency graph

    Hello, I am new when it comes the room acoustics, I have been mixing in headphones most of the time, and now I would like to start mixing on speakers , I have set up my speakers and my best listening position in my room, it is a small room with a slanted roof. I have ran some test on REW with L...
  19. W

    how much does it cost to fix a blown subwoofer?

    Please tell me about the cost. My subwoofer has turned off. but I don't know about it. that is what happened.
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