1. Xendros_1

    Bookshelf speakers with similar response than HOMEPOD??

    I have a homepod (the big one) in the living room for listening to music and like the amount of bass it delivers without the need of a sub. I'm looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers for my PC, for listening music and play games. Is there a pair of hifi speakers or active monitors with...
  2. A

    Need advice for monitors/sub choice and placement

    Hi everyone, First of all I would like to thanks you all for all the amazing contributions you have made to this community :) I am in the process of setting up a small home studio, which is intended for both creation and listening. So I'm looking for monitors that are also pleasant to listen...
  3. Thunder

    Best budget studio monitors?

    Budget $200 for each Some examples: KRK Rokit RP5 G4 Yamaha HS 5 Adam T5V
  4. T

    Stereo speakers/monitor for a desk and a DAC

    Hi, I am looking to replace my cheap PC speakers with something much better. I set a budget to 200-300$ per speaker. I've a 160x70cm desk and 48'' inch TV on it so there is 26cm on the sides left. Also, they can't be too deep, I think max 30cm, but they will be really close to the wall. Desk is...
  5. Thunder

    Which balanced cable do I need to connect a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to a pair of KRK Rokit RP5 G4?

    The interface has two 1/4 inch output lines, one for each speaker and the KRKs have one XLR female and 1/4 inch combined input each one. Would this be good? It's a XLR Male to 1/4 inch TRS balanced cable...
  6. PaperBoat

    JBL 305p MKii

    My JBL 305p MKii's sell sheet telling this ↓ What does it mean?
  7. PaperBoat

    Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface

    I've some questions about the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface... Can anyone help? Is the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface's main "Monitor knob" done volume control digitally (before the DAC attenuation) OR analogically (after the DAC attenuation) on the 1/4" Line Outputs...
  8. Mystical Boar

    What defines a good near-field speaker?

    I've seen a lot of threads about near-field listening, but I struggle to find a concrete info about what exactly makes a speaker good for near-field listening in terms of measurements. Is it mostly linear on-axis response combined with early reflections and good directivity, or is there...
  9. G

    Recommendations for active near field speakers

    Hello! I have Focal Shape Twins with Burson Composer Dac\Preamp for my desktop setup for music, gaming and movies. So wanted to ask, what would be the logical upgrade for active near field speakers\monitors for the same application. Focal Trio6 BE? Focal Trio11 BE? Or they are better for studio...
  10. Thunder

    Best speakers for the Topping D90SE?

    Hi, I wonder what speakers would be worth to pair with the D90SE Would the Genelec 8030C Studio Monitors be good? I'd prefer to have my setup with no sub as I live in a flat on a 2nd floor and below me there is a dental clinic room and I don't want to bother anyone (Lulz), I never turn my...
  11. Sarcastick

    Output Frontier Studio Monitors

    For sale are a pair of like new Output Frontier Studio Monitors, I purchased these earlier this year and the only reason I am selling them is because I came across a deal on a pair of kh310s. These will be packaged and shipped in the original crate. Asking $1300 including shipping in the lower...
  12. Steve Dallas

    Philharmonic BMR Monitor Semi-Objective Review - Road Show Stop 1

    Introduction @Dennis Murphy is generously sending a pair of his Philharmonic BMR Monitor speakers on a road show to various listeners east of that big river over yonder. Somehow, they found their way across it to rural-ish Texas and landed in my home first, before heading back east to continue...
  13. Neto Rare

    FS: HEDD TYPE 20 Studio Monitors (Pair)

    Less than 2 months old and in MINT/Pristine condition. Includes original box and power cords. It will be shipped triple box. Price: $3275 US shipped and PP fee included. Pics here: Also posted on:
  14. D

    Paradigm Monitor SE Atom/Or the Case of the Lying Company (?)

    Here is an objective and subjective look at the new Paradigm SE Atoms. Before I made my measurements I contacted Paradigm and they said they "do not have frequency response graphs they can hand out" RED FLAG #1. This speaker is advertised as +-3db from 61hs-21khz But my measurements of this...
  15. R

    The cheapest mastering monitor solution?(20-20khz flat)

    Maybe Neumann KH80dsp + JBL LSR310? (We all know mastering level gear is too expensive....) Like :WSDG like using Lipinski L707A as mastering monitor..... Bob Ludwig use Eggleston Work IVY...... Will it directivity bad or other problem?
  16. T

    Pair of Vue i-6a 2-way powered loudspeakers

    Looking for 300$ each or 500$ for pair. Plus shipping or free pickup. OC, CA. Brand new. Unboxed one to take pictures. Other still boxed. Never used. Professional-grade woofer (6.5-inch) with a 1-inch, silk-dome, ferrofluid tweeter. Both drivers are mated to a high-quality crossover network and...
  17. C

    Can you connect powered speakers to a dac + amp ( Topping MX3 ) ?

    Hello everyone! First time poster here, I've been lurking this forum for the past few months and am a big fan of this forum's objective and friendly environment [many thanks to Amir] I'm sure a few people are in a similar situation as I am, so help would be greatly appreciated! Primary...
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