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Shitt DAC Lovers/Haters?Can both be right?


Senior Member
Jul 21, 2018
Schiit Love/Hate, can they both be right?

I love the red color of their boards.
I hate everything else.

Yes, I think both love and hate can be right! haha!

(Except I don't really care enough to "hate" anything about them. I do actually like red boards, though. lol)


Senior Member
Oct 19, 2018
Those who follow the numbers in Amirm's reviews are not fans of the Schitt line.

Those who own a Schitt DAC swear they sound great.

Is the truth in the tests? Or the ears?

Just trying to stir up a conversation, not a war.

Modi3 and Magni3 are good products. The rest didn't have good showing in tests. U gotta understand that those 2 of products are majority of what Schiit manufactures and sells. The rest were developed (not very good) for fancier purposes, and probably did not have enough time and testing allocated to them. It's like Camry and Accord in car sales in USA - they sell very good and very polished, but the rest of cars are not necessarily good from these same companies.
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