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Routing advice


Jan 14, 2024
Hey there Here’s a weird one I could use some advice on.Say I have 3x synths
2x with stereo output
and 1x mono output and I’d like to have them :

Attached to an interface for recording
And also attached to a pair of studio monitors that I can listen on when not using the computer.

In your opinion what’s the best solution there ?

1. A mixer like the mackie 802vlz4 and route one set of outputs to the interface (not sure how bad that would be on latency when recoding or if an analog mixer would have any added latency/ how bad it would color the sound) and the other set of outputs to the studio monitors and just turn the individual channels up and down on the mackie inputs to choose what to hear/record (concern here is with the one mono synth and mackie outputting a stereo signal would it be hard panned or appear on both channels ?)

2. A patch bay where I have all the synth signals broken out and I can just plug 1/4 cables permanently plugged into the interface, or studio monitors into the output jacks having the signal of the synth I want ( the only concern here is with the mono synth issue above since the input would be in two jacks of the interface )

3. Using the built in headphone jacks on the synths ( in which case I’d have to figure out the impedance the dt880s I use are 80ohm and idk if that would work well)

4. Get over it and monitor through the interface and accept the wear and tear on the jacks plugging and unplugging

There would be a second set of monitors plugged into the interface for when the computer is on and I’m monitoring the DAW/mixing in case that would raise any concerns with ground loops etc

Thanks so much !
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