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RMAF 2016: Synergistic Research, Magico, VAC, Berkeley Audio Design



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Feb 13, 2016
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The usual "show" was on with Synergistic Research. This is another suite I always try to go not because of what they sell, but high fidelity music. They were doing tours and when the door opened, the last set of crowd came out and the room was hot, musty, and smelly. They were running the AC only between tours. After a few minutes, the show started and they turned off the AC. The room had not cooled off and started to get warm again. I sat there as long as I could but after a few minutes couldn't take it anymore and left. He was doing a demo of these panels that got remotely energized to make the room sound good instead of the dots. He said studios bought them! He can see him pointing to it.

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