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Remastering eleven of The Alan Parsons Project albums for a disc set at Abbey Road


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Jan 27, 2020
Suffolk Coastal, UK
First, I don't know how long ago this work was done, as the remastered CD discs have been around a few years now, including a proper release of 'Tales' which before was a remix on CD, but it's a fascinating tale to me at least, of locating the very best analogue tapes, the best and hopefully original digital masters and a tale of one of said 1984 or so masters on a pro video cassette being judged unplayable by the US based record company, their eventual agreement to send supposed duff original master to this chap to work on (it apparently took three people to rescue the music files from it and re-compile them back to album status).

I was fascinated at a mastering life I nearly could have had in the past, the use of double-box PMCs as main monitors (with smaller PMCs I think alongside, a current Technics 1200G I believe with AT VM540 pickup for general checking of acetates and test cuts and the general love and care this gent puts into his work There's a few other Youtube vids with him in it, preparing a 30IPS master brought into him of Sgt Pepper originally made for an Australian audiophile release in 1981, but here's the one which I think should be heard by many here who still don't understand the race against time in preserving the music we love so much and which really transcends all the gear-chat as without the music to play, the gear is useless.

It's also alarming that at the time of the vid being made, the parts for analogue tape machines are incredibly rare (unless some are being re-made now) and parts for his beloved cutting lathe almost have to be customised - and he's trying really hard to get his lathe better than it was when new and apparently succeeding.

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