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Rel t5x or svs Sb1000 pro


Oct 28, 2023
Hi all
I need to buy a subwoofer for ls50 meta, the sub will work only with 2 Chanel music. conecetd by hi level connection.
In my area the subs price is almost the same.
I read reviews the rel is more musical and more fast over 12 Inc svs, which one will be better?
Thanks shay
DON'T buy REL. just DON'T...
That notion of "more musical" is pure P.S. (if that can be "pure") :) and REL is always more expensive and poorer performing than SVS.. or HSU, or Rythmik or a long list of subwoofers..
So if it is SVS you have in mind ... And please measure or post your questions here at ASR.. Integration of subwoofer to main can be challenging ...
SB1000 Pro , then after a few months... another SB 1000 Pro. ;) and a miniDSP 2x4HD to make these work even better... Even more challenging :) ... but worth the bother.

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