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Recommendations for new setup


Dec 31, 2020
My hearing is not the greatest (too much loud music both concerts and gigs I've played), but I'd like to upgrade from my old 2 channel to some new gear over the next year or so. Looking for some recommendations to start with. I currently have some low end equipment that I've had for a long time. NAD C320Bee with matching tuner, Sansui Au-719, Carver 900 receiver, Polk 5B monitors with upgraded tweeters and crossovers etc., Technics SL-5 turntable, Bottlehead Seduction phono pre, Pass ACA amp, and a set of psuedo line-arrays I built. Cheap ass CDP from the early 90's maybe, and a raspi with IQAudio Dac+. I'll keep some of this (upgrading the turntable at least most likely) for a "vintage" setup to satisfy my nostalgia.

I'm looking to get a nice streamer with USB capability (I have at least 1000 CD's ripped to FLAC), DAC, and amp (although I'm currently building a My-Ref Freman off DIYaudio that is supposed to be decent because I like to build for fun) to minimize my footprint with this new system. Looking for an amp that will put out at least 40-50 wpc. Speakers are undecided yet as this will go into a smallish 13'x13' room. I know that is probably one of the most important bits, but I haven't decided if I will buy or build. Total budget is $3000-3500.
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