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Out with the old....Combining multichannel HT and critical 2 channel audio


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Sep 24, 2022
Prior to having children, I had the opportunity to create (for me) a very nice system. This was when Rocky Mountain AudioFest brought everything to my neighborhood to audition. What I ended up with was:
A PC running Roon with a Lynx DA board providing two channel output processed on the PC by Dirac software carried via AES/EBU into a Antelope Zodiac Dac into Wyred4Sound mono blocks and then Martin Logan Spires.

For HT I used an Integra Pre/Pro with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 with the Pro setup. The left and right mains were sent to the Zodiac and passed through while the remaining speakers (center, surround, back, sub and transducer (for late night listening)) were passed to amplifiers from the Integra.

This setup (along with room treatments and proper positioning) allowed for great 2 channel imaging as well as easy integration of home theater. I have not felt the need to integrate the sub for 2 channel listening.

Unfortunately, recently both the Zodiac and the Lynx card died. This has left me with a still very pleasant home theater setup but lacking in the 2 channel department. I have not enjoyed the 2 channel music as processed by the Integra.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. My equipment is in a separate room from the amplifiers for the front channels. Currently there is AES/EBU as well as balanced XLR-->TRS cabling from the equipment room to the area where the amps are housed.

My thoughts have included:
1) buying a new processor that will provide both music and HT enjoyment - but at what cost and has the room correction improved over the last decade? This would also require a new source (?roon, ? Sonos)
2) duplicating my current setup
3) Keeping my current HT setup and adding something like a Minidsp SHD (thanks Recluse-Animator)
4) something I haven't thought of yet

Thanks for reading and for any advice.
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