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Help Needed - Audyssey XT32 + MSO


Jan 29, 2023
Hi folks, hoping someone has the knowledge (and patience) to give me a layman's step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of my system in terms of subwoofer optimisation & integration with my mains.

My 5.2.4 setup is as follows;
AVR: Denon AVC-X3700H
DSP: MiniDSP Flex 2x4 unbalanced (with Dirac Live upgrade)
Integrated Amp: Audiolab 6000A (using from pre-out of AVR to give juice to front channel)
Front Channel: Klipsch RP-6000F
Center Channel: Klipsch RP-600C
Rear Channel: Klipsch RP-150M
Front Height Channel: Klipsch RP-500SA II
Rear Height Channel: Klipsch RP-500SA
Sub: SVS PB-1000 Pro x2
Mic: MiniDSP UMIK-1

I currently have the sub 1 and sub 2 pre-outs going directly to the subs but i'm keen to see what improvements i can make by routing them through the miniDSP and optimising using REW/MSO

I've already ran Audyssey using the MultEQ editor app, removed MRC, set all channels to small with 80HZ crossover, LFE only (not LFE+Main), set the following settings; LFC off, DEQ off, Dynamic Vol off.

I've tried to read up on various forums....etc on the best approach but seems to be some conflicting information about the order of how to do things so hoping I can get an idiots guide on best way to do it.

I believe what I need to do is clear out any EQ and phasing adj...etc on the subs, connect sub 1 & sub 2 out from the AVR to the input on the miniDSP, apply a curtain to the lower end on the MultEQ app to avoid Audyssey correcting the subs (not sure best Hz to apply?), run MSO using the UMIK-1 to measure before & after (not sure best approach and whether it's even possible to integrate subs with mains with the setup outlined above?) then export filters to miniDSP using the miniDSP software and remeasure rinse & repeat?

I'm by no means an expert on this stuff, deciphering the terminology is difficult using some of the guides but i'm sure with a bit of spoon feeding i'll get it right :)


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Sep 19, 2023
Hi friend,
Not sure if you are still looking for some help?
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