1. R

    Roon PEQ settings

    Hi Amir, As a new member to the ASR, although I have been a lurker for sometime, I would just like to say what an excellent site for all things Audio. I know you are most likely swamped with all sorts of work, but I thought I would ask anyway. I currently have a set of B&W CDM1 SE which are...
  2. dpippel

    SOLD: Like New Topping E30 DAC + Raspberry Pi 4 Roon Endpoint Combo

    ** SOLD **
  3. openbaffle3278

    Mivera Audio Puremusic Mk I (iPhone) Purifi 1ET400

    Selling my Mivera Audio PureMusic Mk I. This is the iPhone version that works with Roon. Is based on the well-loved Purifi 1ET400 amp modules that have been measured in various forms on this forum. iPhone stays charged and has been a rock-solid transport with Roon for my main system. I do room...
  4. S

    Digital to Analog Using Roon Nucleus

    I have a Roon Nucleus (new) with Samsung 2 TB SSD, 2 Bryston 7B mono amps, and 2 B&W 802D Speakers. I have no analog files and am only interested in playing back digital hi-res files from Tidal and Qobuz. All my gear and internet connection are in my basement except the speakers which are on...
  5. danielmiessler

    Optimizing a Genelec / NAD / DIRAC / JTR Setup

    Writing to celebrate a near-endgame setup (at least for me), and to ask for help with optimization. Setup: 3 x Genelec 8351B Left, Center, Right 2 x Genelec W371A Lef and Right Woofer Towers 2 x Genelec 7360A Left and Right Subs (10") 1 x JTR RS1 Center Sub (18") 2 x Genelec 8341A Surrounds 2...
  6. manisandher

    Setting up an active crossover using Roon

    Recently, quite a few people have asked me how I've gone about setting up active crossovers just using Roon alone. I thought I'd start a thread to discuss the process. I'm just going to dump a number of screenshots, which are hopefully fairly self-explanatory (if you know Roon, at least). We can...
  7. S

    Roon on MacBook Air M1 + streaming questions

    So I try to keep it short. Currently I'm using a Cambridge CXN V2 with the Streammagic app in my living room. (Qobuz+ usb stick). We needed a new Laptop anyway. Would I be able to run Roon on the MacBook , add a bunch of CDs into the roon library and access Qobuz while using a iPad air 3 or...
  8. Dennis_FL

    Room Shaper Audio plugin for Roon, JRiver, etc and custom room equalization

    This is a small company which does the room correction for you via a Roon plugin. Not only Roon.. HQplayer, JRiver, Foobar (together with the VST convolver plugin) and any other player with VST plug-in format compatibility or using Brutefir convolution engine (like Volumio).
  9. acbarn

    Are you moving from Roon+Tidal/Qobuz to a Major HiFi Streaming Service?

    Now that lossless has hit the mainstream, will you be dropping your Roon subscription in favor of one of the major streaming services?
  10. S

    Roon EQ with Amazon Music HD

    Roon EQ with Amazon Music HD? I gather that Roon and Amazon Music HD will not work together. I have a Hifiman HE400i on the way, and according to Amir, it isn't recommended unless you can EQ. I have to use Amazon Music HD, so now I'm wondering what to do. I want to use Amir's exact EQ...
  11. Sparky

    Intel NUC with ROON ROCK

    Hi all. I have a couple of questions that I'm hoping you helpful lot can answer? I currently use an Innuos Mini Mk3 music server running as a ROON core, it is powered by an Innuos linear PSU. Due to my current transition from a passive pre/pro set up to an "active" speaker set up, I am looking...
  12. Jimbob54

    Qobuz albums vanished from Roon

    At some point in the last 24 hours my Qobuz albums have vanished from my Roon library. Ive unlinked and re linked my account The albums even show as favs when browsing the Qobuz tab within Roon - just not pulling through to the library. Obviously still showing if I browse Qobuz directly on...
  13. M

    Help choosing rpi4 digital HAT (transport only)

    My primary DAC for this transport will be an RME ADI-2 DAC FS, which needs to link to a network server several rooms away (currently experimenting with Roon). I will connect to the transport using coax (a media PC currently occupies the USB input on the ADI-2). Please note the ADI-2 does not...
  14. G

    Chromecast audio or Digione for Roon?

    I’m using Roon for quit a while now, with a Chromecast audio connected through an optical cable to my Arcam SA20 (using the internal dac). I also have a spare Raspberry Pi 3B in a drawer. Would it be an upgrade compared to the CCA to put an Allo Digione on the Pi and use this combination with...
  15. lealoureiro

    Suggestion Streamer/DAC/PreAmp as Roon endpoint

    Hello All, Any suggestions of good DAC/Streamer that works as Roon Ready Endpoint ? One of the important things for me is that volume could also be controlled via Roon so avoid playing with volume in multiple places. Also balanced analog outputs would be good. I'm planing to connect to a DIY...
  16. mssngpeces

    TIDAL HI-FI + ROON: some albums only offer an MQA version?

    Hello, I recently installed Roon on my computer and found out that some albums I've been playing are not being played in FLAC, but seems to be a downsampled version of the MQA version (see picture). I'm confused since I selected HiFi in streaming quality (and not master, as I've read it is...
  17. dpippel

    FS: ChromeCast Audio Dongle - Aux + Optical Output - Great Roon Endpoint

    Barely used. Opened and verified that it works and it does. Decided to go with a Raspberry Pi + Topping E30 instead. Will include a 3 foot Mini Optical to Optical cable as well. $50 shipped and Paypaled (Friends & Family) to any address in the continental United States. No international sales...
  18. K

    How to improve my headphone setup step by step?

    What should be my next steps to improve soundquality with my headphone set? I'm seeking mainly 3D representation of good recordings as far as it gets with headphones. Wide soundstage, depth, layering, separation of sources, room (virtual or real) This is my setup today: Intel NUC8iBEH2 with...
  19. nugget

    Fixed my iTunes library “date added” to work better with Roon library imports

    I’ve got an iTunes library that dates back for well over a decade. As part of my migration from using iTunes as my primary music player to using Roon, I added my iTunes media folder as a library for my Roon Core server. This works great, except I’ve noticed that the “date added” for the tracks...
  20. Sekenenz

    Roon Rock on ASRock Beebox

    I'm using ROCK (Roon Optimized Core Kit) on a Beebox (ASRock N3010 Nuc) and everything works great except for an optional, the original pc remote control in the bundle, otherwise it would be a perfect system. The only thing I would like from the remote control would be to be able to turn the pc...
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