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NAD C 328 measurements from Stereophile - question


Jun 23, 2019

I was reading through these measurements of this unit on Stereophile (from 2018) here: Stereophile C 328 measurements

I don't really understand this "The C 328's S/PDIF inputs preserved absolute polarity and locked to datastreams with all sample rates up to 192kHz. A 1kHz digital signal at –12dBFS resulted in an output level of 10V into 8 ohms with the volume control set to "0.0," which suggests that the digital inputs have 6dB too much gain; ie, a digital signal at –6dB will just drive the amplifier into clipping into 8 ohms. This extra gain may well be useful with low-sensitivity headphones, however."

Does that mean you shouldn't turn the volume past -6db when using the digital inputs? I probably wouldn't need to, but if in the case of using some really inefficient speakers I'm just curious. Thanks for any help with this.

Update: I received a reply from NAD about this and here is what they said:

"Thank you for contacting The NAD Electronics Support Crew.

This test was stated with a 1 Khz digital signal, music is more complex than a single frequency signal.

Yes this frequency is used for testing however it may not represent what will happen with real musical content.

I do not think that a general statement can be made to keep the volume under -6db.

I think all the volumes settings will be content dependent.

I hope this helps."
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