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Non-consumer (Pro/Live) approaches to DSP?

I respond to OP's first post of inquiries...

I agree with other people that Merging Technology HAPI MkII would be the best (and most expensive) solution with REVENA LAN protocols/gears.

On the other hand, even though not fully compatible with your requirements, my multichannel project and the latest system setup thereof would be of your reference and interest, I assume.

Since the paid-up (US$149) DSP-software "EKIO" can have unlimited numbers of I/O, you can replace OKTO DAC8PRO (8-CH-out which I use now) with other pro-type multichannel DAC/ADC having more than 8 CH-I/O capabilities, like MOTU, ANTELOPE, RME products, all with USB ASIO driver which can handle all the I/O through single USB cable.

If you use multiple amplifiers with volume/gain controller (like integrated amplifier), you can control relative gains (tonality control) for multiple SP drivers in analog domain without affecting upstream DSP configuration, while the master volume can be controlled in most-upstream digital domain.

Of course, you can select amplifiers capable of XLR (or TRS) balanced inputs, just like in my case.
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