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Marantz CD 50n


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Dec 21, 2020
Marantz has released the Marantz CD 50n CD and Network player with HDMI ARC.



The new Marantz CD 50n plays CDs as well as supports streaming via HEOS. Unfortunately, no Qobuz support but Tidal, Amazon, Spotify and Airplay 2 are supported. It's kind of odd that SCAD is listed in the specs only to point out it's not supported. DAC used is ES9038 with Marantz HDAM filter stage. For $1800 it's a tough sell for me. So many other options for streaming are available with more source options and higher resolution support. Few find playing CDs a must have feature. So why pay $1800 for this 22 pound device? I was hoping it would support SCAD, Qobuz, Apple Music and 768 Khz DA Conversion. EQ and a loudness option would be nice too at this price. But none of those features are offered. Marantz seems to prioritize hooking up to the TV via HDMI rather than Hi Fidelity? It will be interesting to see how it measures.


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May 30, 2023
The target audience is clearly people who want to upgrade their CD player to the higher end of the range, at a less elitist price - the 30 model already exists - and with the option of accessing streaming. I think it's Roon Ready, otherwise Heos has its limits in terms of a streaming service. See what it's worth, compared to a model 30, and maybe overshadow the model 30 which has specific Marantz DACs. This clearly gives priority to CD playback, the model 30 can play SACD, but I don't personally use it.


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Aug 29, 2023
I personally know of no one that owns and uses SACD. “768Khz AD”?! Really? And you can consistently hear a difference without knowing what you are listening to? As for the Roonacy Factor, I care not. I do not require help in pushing ”PLAY” or “RANDOM PLAY”.

The CD 50n is a good looking CD Player and music STEAMER. It is overpriced for what one gets but that is true of all “high end” stuff ‘n’ fluff. HEOS works just fine and if it does not (yet) have the weirdly named Qobuz perhaps that will change depending upon the popularity of that platform.

Roonacy? FTN.

I realize it is all about “measurements” here. BFD. As in the world of the frAudiophile and their PRATtling on and on about stuff no one can hear, all I ax from my equipment is that it looks good (to ME!) and does not intercourse up the playback of my music.


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