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JBL M2 Clone

The M2 is not in place, so we can only add a mezzo unit to him.
Do you have building plans for the M2 ????
There is a build-thread:
Rather long, but it has good info on the crossover and filter settings, and the cabinet and port construction.

On the JBL M2 Page, there is a moderately detailed drawing of the cabinet in the brochure:

The parts are available here:

A construction video was made by someone (not me):
I do recommend earplugs.

I am planning on updating this thread with more detailed plans. I am doing sealed instead of ported, with PEQ to transform the bass response. I can afford the reduction in peak output, in fact I welcome it since these play dangerously loud. I do recommend DIY M2 if interested, they are fantastic sounding and actually quite easy to build.
The compression horn Is a two way driver? Shall l be using a two way x over or a three way? I use and electronic x over btw.
So l ll set my electronic x over 24 db slope, two way.. cut at (?)
So l ll set my electronic x over 24 db slope, two way.. cut at (?)
No, the tweeter crossover is hybrid passive/active.
The details for the exact filters and crossover components are here:
Here is a schematic of the passive part:

The 6dB / oct passive network above, plus the additional 6dB/octave active filter (in the rephase pdf above), plus the driver's rolloff all conspire to 24dB/octave at about 790 Hz.
I measure the tweeter and discuss filters here:
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