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Integrated amp Audiolab 7000A or Rotel A10 MKII amp plus DAC combo?


Oct 5, 2023
Hello Members!

I more than 1 month reading and thinking a lots. I decided my final audio system. I wanna use Quadral signum 90 floorstanding speakers (4ohm). I wanna use this system around 18-19nm room size. I lisening lots of type music forexample: hip-hop, rap, electronic, retro 80s-90s, Beethoven, Mozart, Miko oldfield etc...
Right now I hard to choose between this two option I strugling so I need help.
1. Audiolab 7000A (DAC chip ESS Sabre 9038Q2M 2x110W4ohm signal to noise 110dB).
2. Rotel A10 MKII (2x62W 4ohm factory data in real life more stronger this amp around 70-80W, signal to noise 90dB) plus DAC: Gustard Audalytic AH90 (AK4191+AKM4499EX chip) or SMSL SU9 PRO (ESS ES9039MPro chip) or Gustard X16 (2xES9068AS chip). I know only the DAC chip nothing most important what around inside the electronic implementation. (This 3 DAC very similar price in my country.)
This two system very close price range maybe 50$ cheaper the Rotel combo.
So my question which one the better combo which one is sounding better? If you in my position what you choose?
Thanks for you reading this all.


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Nov 24, 2023
I prefer the amp from Rotel than Audiolab because Japanese used to produced reliable products. For the sound quality, probably better sound from high quality component. UK used to be the best in Loudspeakers product but electronics (amp, dac, etc) is from Japan/China/Korea.
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