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Help with matching or upgrading KEF R100s.


New Member
Jul 26, 2023

I've been enjoying an Atmos 5.1.4 system for six years now. My surrounds and Atmos speakers are Kef E301s and Kef T101s. My LCR speakers have been Kef R100s, which have worked well until recently. My center Kef R100 broke and it is not worth it to get it repaired. I also cannot find them new anywhere. Been using a phantom, but miss the center speaker. So...

I either need a new center that matches with the other speakers, or I could replace the Left and Right speakers and move one of the remaining Kef 100s to center duties (AV stand has 11 inches [279 mm] of room heightwise) Cannot afford to replace all three at once, but will down the line. I would not mind getting a slight upgrade on sound, but tonal matching is also important. Current options are:

Kef LS50 Meta (999 euros per pair on sale, 650 for one)
Kef R3 (1199 euros per pair on sale, 750 for one)
Kef R2 Meta center (1199 euros on sale)
Kef R2C center (699 euros demo unit on close out sale)

Revel M16 (799 per pair on sale)
(Probably will not match)

Receiver = DENON AVR X4300H

What do you guys think?

P.S. Here's an older photo of my AV stand and equipment, although the TV is now newer and the PS4 is a PS5. And the center KEF R100 is now dead.

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