1. Aekre

    Near Field Monitors Recommendations

    Hello everyone, i know this can be a pleonastic post but I´ve been since weeks looking for the best monitors suitable to me and I still didn´t ended up with nothing. It´s really hard times so it´s quite impossible go to some music shop to test it so i have to trust internet and what i reed...
  2. Steve Dallas

    FS: Dynaudio Excite X18 Bookshelf Speakers Rosewood Pair

    I am selling my X18s. The speakers are in excellent condition, and the original box and all original accessories are included. I would like to clear $800 on these. The photos are not the best, but they are here. Sorry about that. Please don't buy them there. Start a conversation with me...
  3. D

    Genelec 8030 Pair sounding bad in my room, better HiFi speaker alternatives?

    I got these when I was doing a lot of critical listening in a treated area and they sounded great, but these days I don't find myself doing any critical listening as I've changed jobs. Wanting to sell the Genelec pair and get some speakers that would sound great in a relatively untreated room...
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