1. dpippel

    SOLD: Focal Clear Headphones - Excellent

    ** SOLD **
  2. Racheski

    FS: Massdrop Focal Elex

    I need to justify my recent purchase of the HD800s, so the Elex are on their way out. They sound great, but I found the cups to be heavy on my ears and uncomfortable with my relatively small head, but many others find them comfortable so YMMV. Price: $535 via Paypal, excluding shipping. I'll...
  3. J

    Focal Shape 40 or Shape 50 any interest?

    Anyone interested in the measurements of affordable Focal monitors, Shape 40 and Shape 50? I think they are a very good basis for a great system. Amplifiers are AB Class, DSP-free Active Crossover. Hi Pass Filter 45/60/90hz 12db/oct. I have measurements of Shape 65 and they are very good.
  4. H

    Elear + D70

    Hi guys, First time poster... Looking for some advice about a headphone stack. I've been reading a LOT the last few days but I could do with some guidance and appreciate whatever help you can give :) I have bought a pair of Focal Elears at a good price and I am looking for a dac (and possibly...
  5. A

    Focal Elex $500- Sold

    **Price:** $500 Sold **Currency:** USD **Ships to** North America SPECS * Massdrop x Focal * Open-back circumaural design * 40mm full-range dynamic driver with aluminum-magnesium “M”-shaped dome * 20mm-thick perforated microfiber memory...
  6. D

    Focal Listen Professional Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones

    Focal Listen Professional Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones On Ebay Price: $269.10
  7. D

    Focal Utopia headphones

    Focal Utopia headphones On Ebay Price: $2,488.00
  8. D

    Focal Stellia Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones

    Focal Stellia Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones On Ebay Price: $1,849.00
  9. D

    Focal Elegia Over-Ear Closed-Back Headphones

    Focal Elegia Over-Ear Closed-Back Headphones On Ebay Price: $529.00
  10. imGamba

    Focal Elear DAC recommendation

    Hi! I recently bought an Elear headphone but I'm quite lost in the amp/dac's world... I know there are from 50 to thousands of dollars, but currently, my budget is very limited. Also, I know there are differences in the dac's type of sound, I want simply to enjoy music without spending another...
  11. K

    Interviewed Jason Lord from Source AV

  12. amirm

    CES 2017: Musical Fidelity and Focal

    I know you are getting tired of Focal but imagine being me and typing all this stuff!!! :D As I said all of these rooms were next to each other. At least this time it is Focal Aria 948: Messy wiring:
  13. amirm

    CES 2017: IsoAcoustics, Cocktail Audio, SPL, Focal

    More in the family of Audio Plus Services. I like the IsoAcoustic folks. They have a stand that lets the speaker go back and forth but not side to side. It is "reasonably priced." When I walked they were just finishing setting up an AB test of with and without the above stand: This SPL...
  14. amirm

    CES 2017: Focal Sopra and Naim

    I had to move these and they show up above the pictures. Sorry :). "Mental?" I don't think so :). Anyway, this was another Naim+Focal room that had heavily padded sides as a result the imaging was...
  15. amirm

    CES 2017: Naim and Focal

    First room I hit today was the Focal. They had setup a lower end room than in the past. Focal Sopra No 2 speakers The Naim Uniti Nova all-in-one streamer, DAC and amplifier: Their NAS (they call it Core I think): The knob on this won some kind of Youtube award. It was very...
  16. amirm

    AXPONA: Focal,Aurender,Berkeley Audio,Clearaudio,Pass Labs,Kubala,Sosna Research,Musical Surrounding

    Berkeley Reference DAC: Can never been enough VU meters in audio world!
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