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Formats: 320k aac vs Lossless (Roon related)

Jun 1, 2019
And from more testing ~128kbps Opus sounds 99% for all my music and is on par/better than the ones in the 256k area. Only 1 album needs like 400kbps, its a harsh noise wall album if your wondering what it is.

Edit: lol Ogg Vorbis sounds better at 160Kbps after more messing around, Opus VBR is way to constrained and the whole resample to 48Khz not being perfect.

Are there any particular styles/genre's of music which are more susceptible to compression?
Electro and experimental is the biggest pain for any lossy codec, With so many artificial sounds and noises that its common for Lame MP3 to need 320kbps and AAC/Vorbis/OPUS = 180 ~ 500Kbps. Hence why i sometimes find the whole "320kbps is enough" claim to be annoying or red flag there tastes might be narrow. Since artists like Merzbow and others have content that sounds like crap unless you abuse the 512kb/s setting newer codecs have. lol
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