1. P

    JBL S38 and S Center II opinion

    Hello, I'm looking at these speakers to finish off my HT. I'm using Thiel 1.5s for my surrounds and JBL L20T for the rear surrounds. I would like to get a pair of speakers that could be mounted onto the wall for my surrounds. What do you think? Can I get something better at this price point?
  2. mjgraves

    JBL 705P Circuitry?

    As mentioned elsewhere I've just upgraded to a pair of JBL 705Ps. To feed them I've assembled PiCorePlayer on a Pi4 with a HifiBerry SPDIF HAT. This feeds the AES input nicely. So it's an all-digital signal path. Or is it? Does anyone here have an insight into the internals of the 70x series...
  3. trl

    JBL Control 28-1-WH - Teardown, inside pics, personal thoughts

    Hello, I'm welcoming you with a new teardown: JBL Control 28-1 passive speakers meant to be used indoor and outdoor. Given that it's an outdoor speaker too, I do not expect it to sound as good as an indoor speaker, given rougher and water-proof drivers membranes, anti UV exterior plastic etc...
  4. stevenswall

    FS: JBL SDP-55/SDP-58, Original Box, All Accessories $3800 OBO Paypal

    Please delete. Broken images.
  5. M

    JBL Control X Wireless Measurements & Review

    The passive version of this speaker was measured and reviewed here: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/jbl-control-x-review-indoor-outdoor-speaker.24852/ I noticed JBL made a wireless version of this speaker and thought it would be interesting to measure. It is now...
  6. F

    JBL HDI-1600 smaller alternative

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a smaller alternative for the JBL HDI-1600 (14.6x9.1x11.4 = 1502 in3). I absolutly love the sound of those JBL in my dedicated listening room! I heard details I never heard before without being bright (looking at you BW 607 S2). Soundstage is big and instruments are...
  7. bryan0101

    Anyone has experience with JBL S3900 and S9900?

    I am considering the next upgrade to be one of these 2 speakers. They are audiophile speakers, but deeply rooted in pro audio methodology. The 2" compression driver in S3900 vs the 4" in S9900 would probably my biggest consideration. The price is obviously ridiculous for s9900, and high...
  8. Blumlein 88

    JBL once again leads the way.....in science based car theft.

    https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2023/04/crooks-are-stealing-cars-using-previously-unknown-keyless-can-injection-attacks/ Those pesky thieves can be so clever sometimes. Disguising tools to break into the CAN-bus and steal modern automobiles. A favorite being a JBL speaker.
  9. M

    Blind Listening Test 2: Neumann KH 80 vs JBL 305p MkII vs Edifier R1280T vs RCF Arya Pro5

    Shortly after completing the first blind listening test, @Inverse_Laplace and I started thinking about all the ways we’d like to improve the rigor and explore other questions. Written summary follows, but here is a video if you prefer that medium: Speakers (calculated preference score in...
  10. R

    Repair JBL SCS 125 Subwoofer Capacitor leak

    Hello, I have a JBL SCS 125 which is 5 satelite speakers and 1 subwoofer connected to a Harman Kardon AVR 300RDS. Recently, the subwoofer kept turning on and off rapidly for 1 to 2 minutes before staying on. It's only after that clicking on and off for 1 to 2 minutes that I could start using...
  11. W

    Technical documentation for JBL L100 Classic Tweeter (JT025TI1-4)

    Hello everybody! I'd like to restore a few older JBL Studio Monitors and I'd love to replace the old tweeters with newer ones from JBL, to keep it in the family. Does anyone know, how to get a data sheet for the new JT025TI1-4 tweeter they put in the L100 Classics? The size of the mounting...
  12. PaperBoat

    Pultec punch

    Hi all! Merry Christmas Eve! I've paired my JBL 305p MKII Monitors with an IFI Zen Air DAC... I toggled boundary EQ to -3dB and now trying to tighten up the low end using DSP... My IFI DAC has an XBass+ switch which is an ASP circuitry. I know the XBass (XBass+ has better components) feature is...
  13. PaperBoat

    IFI XBass+

    Hello everyone! Newbie here... I have paired my IFI Zen Air DAC with JBL 305p MKII Monitors using IFI Zen Air DAC’s RCA outputs… Will it be safe to use the XBass+ feature of IFI Zen Air DAC when I’m listening to my JBL Speakers? Is XBass+ only meant for headphones and not for speakers? Is XBass+...
  14. D

    Best budget Harman tuned headphones? (JBL Tune 710, AKG K371/361, AKG N700)

    Hi everyone, I am about to get my first budget pair of Harman tuned headphones. I am considering the following: JBL Tune 710 60 Euros AKG K371/361 160 euros AKG N700 NC 100 euros I am leaning towards JBL Tune 710, not because of the price range, but because of the measurements also, but...
  15. P

    Spinorama for the brand new JBL PRX900 serie

    JBL PRX900 are PA speakers which are optimised for high output. They are active, relatively cheap, easy to get and have an internal DSP. JBL is nice enough to provide a lot of datas for these speakers. I used the data to generate the spinorama and derive some information. Here is the...
  16. thewas

    75 years of JBL: 75 years of Loud + Clear!

    Quite interesting German magazine article about the history of JBL which I post electronically translated below, the original source with more photos is https://www.lowbeats.de/75-jahre-jbl-75-jahre-loud-clear/ Like no other manufacturer, JBL stands for the combination of hi-fi and studio -...
  17. P

    JBL Studio 520c vs ELAC Debut 2.0 C5.2?

    I currently have the 520C in use with my Studio 580's but came across a local deal for the ELAC Debut 2.0 C5.2 for cheap but wondering if it's even worth trying. I know the Elac is not a 3-way but would it be even slightly better then the 520c? AVR is Denon x1600h
  18. T

    What JBL model is this speaker?

    Hi, this is my first post here, usually only read other discussions. I'm interested to buy an used JBL floor standing speaker, but there is no information about the model type, or the impedance and watt on the speaker. I've tried to search the image online but can't find any matching one...
  19. R

    JBL L82/L100-inspired bookshelves

    I recently fell in love with the walnut veneer and burnt orange quadrex foam grilled of the (new) JBL L82/L100. I also found out that you can purchase the grilles, or a fairly good clone of the foam, for a reasonable amount of money. So, I’m looking to make something in the same dimensions as...
  20. J

    Brand match front with surround and height?

    Community, Looking for some advise. Currently have three KEF R3s for LCR. I’m trying to budget for additional speakers. Two rear surrounds and four height speakers for the “unified layout”. Auro for music up-mixing and Atmos movies/music all via AppleTV. How important is brand matching? Three...
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