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EMI INTERFERENCE IN TS CABLE! Desperate for help! (audio example)


New Member
Dec 28, 2021
Hey guys! So I'm turning to all the amazing, knowledgeable and wise people on this forum.

We've been picking up a swelling interference noise in guitar amps and rhodes in the studio. Been trying to see if the problem is internal, which it probably isn't. I've come to this conclusion by cutting all electricity in our facility and plugged an interface to a laptop -> TS cable -> guitar -> DAW -> noise still there. Notable is that the noise appears as soon as the TS cable is plugged in (no guitar in the chain), which leads me to believe that it's the cable whom is the main source of picking up the interference.

The noise seem to be active during regular work hours which also leads me to believe that there's someone around being the source of the interference. Maybe some machinery or something?

So, do you recognize this interference? And do you have any tips and tricks on how to eliminate it or at least drastically soften it?

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