eletrical interference

  1. Taschenrechner

    Topping L30 ii Interference Issue

    I changed RCA cables, I switched AC sockets, I checked without RCA cables, tried a different DAC. I tried grounding the unit. Nothing really helps. How can I fix this? It worked fine the first few weeks.
  2. Z

    EMI INTERFERENCE IN TS CABLE! Desperate for help! (audio example)

    Hey guys! So I'm turning to all the amazing, knowledgeable and wise people on this forum. We've been picking up a swelling interference noise in guitar amps and rhodes in the studio. Been trying to see if the problem is internal, which it probably isn't. I've come to this conclusion by cutting...
  3. Azathoth

    My ceiling fan is causing interference in my DAC/AMP

    I noticed a faint crackle or pop sound and such in my audio system right now, an E30/L30 setup through my FD5s, and after looking around for an explanation I realized the ceiling fan I had up there is somehow showing signs of wear and tear, and it seems to be wobbling around, and it gives off...
  4. M

    Mini-pc or Notebook? Which is better for a better or most natural sound?

    For better sound performance, which is better? mini-pc or notebook? Factors that I consider important are the grounding (of the notebook) and the low power consumption (of the mini-pc), which of the two is better to reduce interference that can cause pollution (and annoying noise degradation) in...
  5. S

    Normal XLR cables vs Star-Quad XLR cables

    I have some pretty nice xlr cables right now. Probably way overengineered than necessary, Pangea Audio True Balanced xlr cables. I have heard there is some evidence that Star-Quad XLR cables reject interference better than other designs. Would upgrading to star quad xlr cables provide any...
  6. N

    How do you fix electrical interference from motherboard?

    Setup1: PC Motherboard -> Aune X1s -> SMSL SP200 -> DT1990 When I turn turn the volume knob of my amp all the way up I hear some strange eletrical noises. I then replaced my PC with my Laptop... Setup2: Laptop -> Aune X1s -> SMSL SP200 -> DT1990 Eletrical noises are gone now. How do I fix...
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