1. S

    Where can i find measurements of “the studios” for learning

    where can i find the measurements (REW) of the best studios in the world, pre and post acoustics, pre and post eq i have my room measurements and want to compare data like clarity and rt60 and more. above all where can i find the expected ideal listening room measurements / settings to be such...
  2. M

    Need Help- Studio Power amp: Getting a good amp for around 400 Euros budget

    Hello everyone, been following and reading reviews on here for a while so i thought this might be the perfect place for someone to chime in and help me out on this. Looking around to buy a power amplifier for my studio, Currently running a pair of passive 8ohm Acoustic Energy AE22's on a...
  3. J

    Help! KRK Rokit6 220v to 120v

    Hi Everyone! I need a bit of help… I have a pair of KRK Rokit6 I bought when I lived in the UK - they’re 220v with no switch on the back. I had them in storage and recently moved to the US. My goal was to sell them before moving to the states - unfortunately had very low ball offers (all I...
  4. P

    The disadvantages of my large apartment

    Hello, I signed a contract for my first own apartment 3 weeks ago, which is no longer cancellable and valid for 2 years. The apartment is in an old building in Germany, which was built in 1900. Yesterday I received the keys and had to realize again as at the first visit that the staircase has...
  5. Greg_gal

    Rothwell Simplex Phono preamp

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone heard the Rothwell Simplex? There’s not too much information out there but it looks good to me for under £300. I’m also considering the Mofi Studiophono which seems highly regarded and is the same price. Then there is a lot of buzz about the Schiit Mani 2 but I wonder if...
  6. Thunder

    Best budget studio monitors?

    Budget $200 for each Some examples: KRK Rokit RP5 G4 Yamaha HS 5 Adam T5V
  7. Thunder

    Which balanced cable do I need to connect a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to a pair of KRK Rokit RP5 G4?

    The interface has two 1/4 inch output lines, one for each speaker and the KRKs have one XLR female and 1/4 inch combined input each one. Would this be good? It's a XLR Male to 1/4 inch TRS balanced cable...
  8. E

    F/S: Genelec 8361A Pair For Sale - Sacramento Region

    Includes GLM User Kit and 9310AM-US Volume Control. White finish, new condition. Price is $10,000. For everything, it would cost over $11K with tax, so you'd be getting a good discount for essentially brand new. Local only (Sacramento Region or SF Bay Area - if willing to drive). Each...
  9. Mystical Boar

    What defines a good near-field speaker?

    I've seen a lot of threads about near-field listening, but I struggle to find a concrete info about what exactly makes a speaker good for near-field listening in terms of measurements. Is it mostly linear on-axis response combined with early reflections and good directivity, or is there...
  10. Z

    Studio Monitors Upgrade Suggestion/Advice

    Dear ASR Members, This is my first time posting in the forums so a bit nervous. I have a small room (12x11x10) and want to get a decent pair or 2.1 system studio monitors for it. I have been using the Rokit 6 G3s for 7 years now and feel like it’s time for an upgrade. I have treated the room...
  11. Z

    EMI INTERFERENCE IN TS CABLE! Desperate for help! (audio example)

    Hey guys! So I'm turning to all the amazing, knowledgeable and wise people on this forum. We've been picking up a swelling interference noise in guitar amps and rhodes in the studio. Been trying to see if the problem is internal, which it probably isn't. I've come to this conclusion by cutting...
  12. Sarcastick

    Output Frontier Studio Monitors

    For sale are a pair of like new Output Frontier Studio Monitors, I purchased these earlier this year and the only reason I am selling them is because I came across a deal on a pair of kh310s. These will be packaged and shipped in the original crate. Asking $1300 including shipping in the lower...
  13. Saidera

    The Future of Mastering

    I have an impression that mastering engineers design their own gear, use rare in-house devices or analogue gear, and yet start from scratch all the time when thinking about how a particular project can be tweaked to sound as good as possible with the minimum of intervention. Many of them have...
  14. mononoaware

    Pioneer DJ - New VM-80 Studio Monitor (VM Series) I saw an article on these when they were released a few weeks ago. Mainly what caught my eye was the looks (especially the VM-80 8-inch model), yes I admit looks occasionally play a part in my decision making. Tried to...
  15. J

    Help choose small studio monitors for a small room, eve audio vs genelec

    Hi everyone ! I'm building a small home studio mainly for composing, producing and a little bit of mixing at home. (The main job will be done in a another studio, but I'd like to produce at home as much as possible) My room is 12 square meters and will be treated accordingly the room...
  16. KikoKentaurus

    Hercules Monitor 5 Discussion

    Hello, dear visitors of this forum! :) I want to apologize in advance for my poor English, this is what I'm working on now. *** On the Russian imageboard, in a thread devoted to everything connected with music studios, you are a significant source. The measurements of the noble owner of this...
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