emi interference


    EMI/RFI radiating from Rega Elex~r integrated amp? Dimmer switches? AC-Power?

    Afternoon all. I have been revamping my home theater/2.1 channel hifi with some new equipment thanks to ASR (got rid of Rega DAC~R for a Bel Canto DAC 2.8, picked up a cheap MacMini for movie/tv/and higher audio bit rate USB output to DAC)! While doing all of these changes, I decided to change...
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    EMI INTERFERENCE IN TS CABLE! Desperate for help! (audio example)

    Hey guys! So I'm turning to all the amazing, knowledgeable and wise people on this forum. We've been picking up a swelling interference noise in guitar amps and rhodes in the studio. Been trying to see if the problem is internal, which it probably isn't. I've come to this conclusion by cutting...
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