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Dolby Volume Users? Solution for Loudness Compensation to Improve Low Level Listening?


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Dec 10, 2019
Orem, UT
Looking at a few different solutions from Audessey, Monoprice, and JBL to solve the low level listening issue:

Speakers that keep bass levels relatively higher at low volumes sound better at low levels that any system of any size at any cost in any room I've ever heard, when compared to systems that turn down all frequencies linearly, as bass will quickly become inaudible.

A Fletcher Munson curve applied as volume changes would help this. iso 226:2003 can also help this. Audessey Dyanmic EQ also does this and I've tested it but the ADC that I needed in my system was too noisy and broken to appreciate it.

What's crazy is that Sonos speakers sound better than Genelecs at low volume because of this.

Nobody seems to be paying attention to this and it's often confused with dynamic range compression, which it is not:



This shows the loud parts being roughly the same level when dolby volume is applied, without compressing things and creating a brick of sound.

Has anyone used this? Do you leave it on? What issues does it have?
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