1. A

    Spatial Audio -- warning from a producer/engineer

    It seems the quality of Spatial Audio (and multi-channel Dolby Atmos music obtained via various streaming services) might be questionable, at least for some time, while the technology is bootstrapping itself... Reference -- a producer/engineer shared the following: “I just want to try and...
  2. R

    7.2.4 external amplifier options

    Hello, Receiver: Denon x6700h LR: Monitor Audio Silver 500's (90 db sens., 8 ohms, 250W RMS power handling) C: Monitor Audio Silver C350 (90 db sens., 8 ohms, 200W RMS power handling) for my centre channel. Surrounds: Monitor audio FX (87 db sens, 8 ohms, 85W power handling) [I am considering...
  3. P

    Please give me an advice which DAC/AMP + headphones do you recommend for gaming, music and movies(PC ONLY)

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a new DAC/AMP and a new headphones for gaming(Call of Duty Warzone and so on), music(Spotify and iTunes) and movies(Netflix mainly). I was thinking about getting Creative G6 or Schiit Hel as an AMP(+DAC), and HD 6XX/58X or DT 990 pro (250ohm) as a headphone. I have no...
  4. C

    Dolby Atmos Integrated Amp

    Hello, Are there any Atmos Integrated Amp's out there that are not complete trash? I would like to do a new Home Theater setup in my basement and in reading the reviews pretty much everything is terrible. Thoughts?
  5. amirm

    It is All Software!

    It is All Software By Amir Majidimehr [Note: this is an article that was published in the Widescreen Review Magazine] OK, it is not all software but most of it is. What am I talking about? I am talking about video! Yes, video. Please don’t flip the page. Let me explain with a bit of...
  6. amirm

    Validity of X-curve For Cinema Sound

    Validity Of X-curve For Cinema Sound In my article in Widescreen Review Magazine published recently titled “There Is No “There” in Audio,” I made a brief reference to X-curve used for calibration of Cinema Sound and mentioned that there is no good reason to follow it for home theater...
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