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Do I already have a suitable cable for this project? (Mogami - Belden - PPC)


Oct 7, 2021

I need to rekindle my soldering skills and make some 1/4" to RCA cables to run from my Audient ID22 audio interfaces' 1/2 and 3/4 outputs. The project consists of two 18" cables for a Topping HP amp, and two 8' cables going to a Adcom 100wx2 amplifier. I can run either balanced or unbalanced connections from the Audient, but both the Topping and Adcom have unbalanced RCAs.

I have some Mogami Neglex 2549 microphone cable, some Belden 9451 mic/line instrument cable and some PPC Perfect Flex 75 ohm coaxial cable. Which of these three should I use and if none of them, what would you suggest?

(using Neutrik gold-plated connectors)
Any are fine and as long as they are shielded there will be difference.
Since the inputs are unbalanced using the balanced outputs calls for trouble.

No need to buy TS. Use the TRS and leave the ring connector unconnected.
Yeah, with RCAs I wouldn't have tried that. Thanks for the tip using the TRS plugs. I don't have many connections that need these so it'll be nice to finally have a project for them.
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