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dbx DriveRack VENU360 Review (audio processor)

It does not mask the distortion, it removes it. This is covered in any basic text on DSP.
Well, I removed the said capacitors and subjectively, it seems to sound better. I however can't seem to find replacement caps that are the right dieletric, value, voltage and are the 1mm size... looked all over digikey. Maybe HK is putting the wrong ones in because the right ones can't be had? Anyways it seems to sound great but I'm wondering if i should even replace the caps? Seems to work fine without them but without them is the unit pumping out excessive ultrasonic noise?
Not sure if this is the right forum for asking technical questions about the driverack... I did an internet search for a users forum but I couldn't seem to find anything. If there is a users forum please someone post a link.
Well, in the absence of a user's forum... does anyone have any ideas about the following issue:

When I change the clock from internal to external in utilities, and then press the back button it gets stuck on that page and has a pupup saying the the clock was changed to external but there is no sound and then I can't leave the utilities menu until I change it back... does anyone know if there is a fix for this?
Hello, Seniors!

I've 2 Venue 360s and get some similar issues happened.

1. The first one was used in a Bar/Restaurant as a speaker management processor for 2 years.
It was working properly before it got a no audio in/out issue. I soft/hard reset it many times but not good.

2. The Second one was bought from a Pro Audio Rental and it was working seamlessly until yesterday.

I did the firmware updating process to them today but they didn't work. The first unit shows the inputs/outputs meters are working when the input is feed some signals but no audio output.

The Second one has no activity on inputs/outputs.

They can see in the Venue 360 App on both Mac and PC and can do the configurations properly even the Signal Generator.

Please show me the direction for how can I fix the issue.

Thanks in advance.

I would start by checking all power supply voltages then examing the DAC signals (I2S/TDM) and analog output.
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1) Call their support desk, I've had good results with direct calls, but do see you're outside the US, so, not sure, but they do have a toll free # (844).
I see you've already posted on their support forum - looks like they usually respond. Maybe try email.
2. There were reports of problems with the (AC?) molex power connector being intermittent (improper crimp?) at the front right of the unit on some of them.
Easy enough to check but you'd want to be sure you know what your doing before messing with it. A little surfing might find more references to that issue. Mine did NOT have that problem.
Best wishes!
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This is a review and detailed measurements of the dbx DriveRack Venu360 audio processor including DAC and ADC. It was purchased new by a member and drop shipped to me for testing. The retail cost is US $1,136 but company has it on sale for US $909 as of this writing.

NOTE: dbx is owned by Harman. Our company, Madrona Digital, does a lot of business with Harman (on the custom installation side) so feel free to read as much bias as you like into this review.

As the name indicates the Venu360 fits in a single rack unit:

View attachment 124100

As I had feared, the machine user interface is very difficult to use. I asked my son to read through the manual and he eventually figured out how to configure it. Alas, we could not find a way to disable internal processing units. There are also various settings for different input and output levels. I messed with the latter a bit in the measurements to follow. My testing is strictly focused on the DAC functionality from the point of view of audiophile use. I am not qualified to evaluate the unit functionality for its intended purpose (live sound, etc.).

For my testing, I used AES input for digital feed and balanced Channels 1 and 2 for output:

View attachment 124101

dbx Venu360 DAC Performance
Out of box configuration was very strange with one channel clipping and another not. After half hour of messing with the unit, we managed to get it produce proper output voltages and distortion:

View attachment 124102

There is a lot of distortion plus some strange interference around our main tone. SIAND, representing noise and distortion, is quite poor in our domain:

View attachment 124103

We are talking about 14 bits of distortion-free range.

Company rates the device as having 1% THD+N at 24 dBu. Strangely, the max output is just 22 dBu. You only get there if you let the device severely clip:

View attachment 124104

Fortunately that doesn't happen until you get to 8.9 volts or so.

Dynamic range is more respectable than distortion:

View attachment 124105

IMD test versus level shows the early rise in distortion:

View attachment 124106

Jitter test shows high noise floor and aforementioned sidebands/noise around our main tone:

View attachment 124107

At this point, I was disappointed enough that I stopped running more tests.

Some pro products fit well in a hi-fi system. Sadly the dbx Venu360 isn't one of them. It is very difficult to use for some new to it. And measured performance is quite poor, certainly worse than mass market AVRs and such. If you need the specific functionality that it provides, it may be OK but would not be a choice for me over something like MiniDSP.

I can't recommend the dbx DriveRack Venu360 for our applications.

As always, questions, comments, recommendations, etc. are welcome.

Any donations are much appreciated using: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/how-to-support-audio-science-review.8150/
Let me clarify as a possible reason for such a disgusting quality of this device, despite the fact that it costs $ 1600 exactly twice as much as the DBX PA2 ($800), here is my story. When I bought my first DBX PA2 processor, I also decided to measure its parameters. And oh horror, the whole picture was similar one-on-one as your measurements, only mine was DBX PA2. I found the same reviews from colleagues online. in the end, thanks to the smart people who sorted it out and found the reason. It turns out that capacitors were installed on the board in the bindings of operational amplifiers of the wrong accuracy class, depending on the temperature. After replacing with the correct capacitors, all parameters became as stated by the manufacturer. And now ask me - where did I buy my DBX PA2..? Right on Aliexpress for $ 200 :))) and now ask the person who sent you the Venus 360 review, where he bought it! that's the story of how half-cent capacitors were replaced by a Chinese manufacturer with quarter-cent capacitors. and they ruined a great thing!
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