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Compact balanced connectors



Jul 1, 2020
... I would expect its possible to connect just one GND pin at minidsp end (all channel grounds will be connected I expect) to signal GND at the other end, or Chassis GND at the amp end only would work too.
Thanks! Sure, will do some experimenting. Tying the shield of the balanced cable to the chassis seems to be the best practice.

Now, this is not really related to the topic, but I noticed that on some pictures in the teardown thread that the metal tip of the xlr is tied to the shield of the internal cable . At least, it looks like this on the picture below
Buckey Hypex NC252.jpg
Well, it is not clear from the available pictures what happens to that shield later, but I am puzzled... So, if I use a shielded cable between the xlr connector and the amplifier board, where should I connect that shield?
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