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Black week,friday, upgrade Fosi audio TB10D or improve ?


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Sep 19, 2019
Not got the cash for a huge upgrade in amplifier despite black week and black friday

So what can i do,try ? I can do something to my fosi audio TB10D

Can i do an Op-Amp upgrade ?

Is this the Op-amps on my TB10D ?

Audiophonics has some Op-Amps, what should i upgrade to if possible, i want softer highs and more details (no ringing as some say the fosi audio v3 can have and they say the new Aiyima A07 MAX has it at higher levels)

Some say a bigger power supply can give a better sound (using a quality power supply 24v 10a), how much difference would a bigger power supply make ?

I want bluetooth so i wireless can stream from my phone or a tablet, dac with bt (i have a pretty good one with out bt) or an amp with bt and the same power ?

About the max with shipping i wanna spend is 100 euros which should get me a fosi audio v3 + 48v power supply or the new Aiyima A07 MAX with either a 48 wolt psu or my 24v 10 a power supply + better Op-amps (to elimitnate the ringing at high levels) HOW ever both don't have tone controls and bt

Better highs, softer and more details, bluetooth and tone controls so the highs can be lowered if there is to much

What comes closes to that ?


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Aug 3, 2019
You will find a list of drop-in replacements for the NE5532 attached to the first post in the thread Op Amp Rolling. The consensus of opinion in that thread suggests "rolling the op amps" will make little or no difference to the perceived sound quality, yet there are those who strongly disagree.

The ics you have ringed appear to be soldered surface mounts not DIP-8 packages in sockets, where the ic can be eased out and replaced with "one of your choice".


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Jul 7, 2022
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If you just have to roll op amps, there are adapter sockets available so you can use DIP8 packages. I happen to think it's a waste of time and you'll learn nothing, but have fun nonetheless. At least you won't burn the house down.


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Mar 1, 2020
It doesn't look like those are easily swappable, socketed op amps. If you don't solder I would not play around with that board. I'm also not sure whether you'll prefer the amp with a larger power supply. Fosi sells a 48V/5a brick but unless you're pushing the amp loud already I'm not sure you'll get much from the upgraded PS.

If I were you I would strongly consider adding a Fosi P3. Tone controls, BT, adds some gain to the overall system and (if you're interested) a nice set of GE JAN5654 tubes. A little more gain, tailor tones to your liking, a nice visual match with the amp you've got, all for well under 100 euros.
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